Alibaba Group Technology Series - Taobao first team practiceZero

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Taobao technology this ten years, Taobao technology ten years. From the first line of experts in the selection of ali.

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Storm Combat: to construct a real-time calculation sample sampleZero

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Alibaba group technology series, big data series. Large Internet Co big data real-time processing of dry cargo sharing! From the rich practice of clean out treasure first line technical team, quickly grasp the essence of Storm technology!

A statistical reconstruction of large data sampleZero

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Alibaba group technology series, big data series. Experience in large scale Internet Co data analysis! Big data analysis staff will learn the skills required. Data analysis tool based on the contents of this book has been used in the internal use of Alibaba group, and achieved significant results.

Design and practice of large scale distributed web site architectureZero

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Front-line work experience summary, include large distributed sites required technical overview and architecture design of the core principles and typical cases, common problems and solutions, details, grounding

Deep analysis of Web Java technology insider (Revised Edition)Zero

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Alibaba group technology series. Daniel Fan Yu, Yu Bo, Bi Xuan joint force recommended! Development and application of large Internet Co!

Taobao technology this ten years probation sampleZero

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Taobao Technology University, the principal decryption Taobao ten years Whether you are programmers, architects, product manager or operation and maintenance personnel, even as long as you are living in it circle, this book has a endless surprise, let you hooked, inspired, and thus fall into meditation, not from the beginning of the breakdown of their company's technology development history...

What kind of products Taobao ten years probation chapterZero

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Book count Taobao was founded ten years to experience significant changes, the core of the product design, and behind the thinking, deep to Taobao believed in the value of logic. Covers the classification of goods and the management; home page and list pages product guide; search and navigation, C2C, B2C, C2B, such as business model evolution; the transaction before, during and after: such as marketing tools, shopping cart, orders, evaluation; want; lynx, poly cost-effective, and so on. Suitable for product managers, business practitioners and all readers who are willing to think about reading.

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