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5 software engineering classic tutorials, including the feasibility study and planning, needs analysis, the overall design, relational database, etc..

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Software engineering classic [1] software engineering overviewZero

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1 computer infrastructure 1.1 the concept of software 1.2 software crisis 1.3 software engineering 1.4 software life cycle 1.5 software development process model 1.6 software development method

[2] feasibility study and planning of the classic software engineering courseZero

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Software project is the first phase of software engineering, and software development process of the preparation stage, the main task of this stage is definition of problem solving and the feasibility of the problem analysis, treats the development project to demonstrate, ultimately determine the value of the project development, software project plan development. Included in the project plan content should be required for the project development resources, cost development cost estimates, the development scheme of the project design, arrange schedule, integrated the above factors, to carry on the analysis of the feasibility of the project, gives the feasibility analysis report.

[3] demand analysis of classic software engineering courseZero

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Demand analysis refers to the developers to get an accurate understanding of user requirements, detailed investigation and analysis, the non users form the statement of need for conversion to complete the requirements definition, defined by the demand for conversion to the corresponding functional form specification (requirements specification).

General design of [4] software engineering classic courseZero

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The task of software design is to form the concrete design plan of the software from the requirement specification of the software. Software design is a process of transformation of the software requirements into software, that is, according to the requirements of the "what to do", to determine the system should be "how to do"". The result of the software design is the software design specification. Software design is the basis of subsequent development steps and software maintenance. From the technical point of view, the software design includes data design, architecture design, interface design, process design. Generally, the software design is divided into two stages, the overall design (outline design) and the detailed design (process design).

[5] relational database based on the classic software engineering courseZero

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Database system (such as database system, referred to as for DBS) is a computer system, the introduction of database system, by the database and software (operating system, database management system, development tools, compile system and application system), user and hardware.

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