Programmer series -6 set of source code to shareZero

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Vivid and creative, modify the code can be customized small program, jQuery Html5 to help you express success

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Programmers confession program, open source, and constantly updatedZero

Upload person:Wuxia2001Upload time: 2014-01-16

This is for my own writing a confession program, and has used it to declare success, and several efforts to complete it as a complete program, this is love I prepare to finish the program of the first series, hope to do a few series.

HTML5 romantic love confession animation online demoZero

Upload person:IqijunUpload time: 2014-02-12

HTML5 romantic love confession animation online demo.Htm to modify the Valentine's day to send his girlfriend

Programmers to make a girlfriend to do the exquisite 3D albumZero

Upload person:KcpnevergiveupUpload time: 2014-04-29

Programmers to make a girlfriend with 3D production of HTML5 album Feel quite beautiful. In order to be able to change a photo

JQuery version of the small wedding (can be dynamically added blessing)Zero

Upload person:Ya307115947Upload time: 2014-06-14

1: the scene is a major two functions, the first is to control the left image, the second is to let the right side of the text display one by one. 2: the scene two function is simple, only controls the left side appears, followed by the text display. 3: the scene three function control picture bounce shows, I use the for cycle control bouncing distance. 4: scene four control picture slide down from the top, then the right to stay one second until it disappeared. 5: scene five slowly, can click into the wedding. 6: the scene six show stop for 1.6 seconds, and then in the form of debris to spread out. 7: scene seven blessing stickers randomly arranged, and can drag the blessing stickers. 8: add the blessing, the need to fill in the blessing, otherwise not submitted. Can be submitted to the blessing will be randomly distributed in the blessing of the wall, can be achieved at random drag function,

Web page to his girlfriend AD and anniversary special effectsZero

Upload person:Yangyisen0713Upload time: 2014-06-27

Web page to his girlfriend AD and anniversary special effects

Programmer dedicatedZero

Upload person:U011043843Upload time: 2014-07-04

Programmer dedicated

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