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Docker is an open source application container engine, enrich the content of the album, contains professional books, entry guidance, famous speech PPT, introduce combat use, depth of analysis, we learn the best choice.

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Seven cattle cloud storage chief preacher Xu Li: docker way theZero

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Docker Chinese community ShangHai Railway Station activities, guest speaker: Xu Li, the chief preacher of the seven cattle cloud storage. Speech topic: Docker Way The.

Seven cattle Xu Li: Docker Way TheZero

Upload person:U010702509Upload time: 2014-07-10

This document is from the CSDN online training: Docker road. Seven cattle cloud storage co-founder and chief technical adviser Xuli share and the basic knowledge of the ins and outs of docker, and seven cattle cloud storage for docker practice.

Meng Zechao: the use of BOSH and Docker for the deployment of Cloudfoundry servicesZero

Upload person:U010702509Upload time: 2014-09-02

The document comes from the Meetup Docker ShenZhen Railway Station, HUAWEI Meng Zechao brought a speech entitled "the use of BOSH CloudFoundry management Docker cluster" speech.

Docker manual - Chinese versionOne

Upload person:Qcpm1983Upload time: 2014-09-03

This PDF is a small summary of the study of docker, all the articles on the CSDN's blog post: Http:// The first chapter to the eighth chapter excerpt from docker official website, translated some people think more important articles and later combat is own some of the experimental process and the in the company deployed some feelings in the process of docker. Personal level is limited, if you find a problem, please send email to me directly, or add QQ discussion group 341410255 I will seriously reply to you! WaitFish 2014-09-03

Upload person:RamissueUpload time: 2015-01-30

For Docker 1.4.1 Updated! New book designed for SysAdmins staff Operations and DevOps Developers who are interested in deploying the open source container service Docker. A. This book we'll, will walk you through installing deploying,, managing, extending Docker. We're and going to do that by In

Docker from entry to practiceOne

Upload person:Xcq372640491Upload time: 2015-02-28

Docker from entry to practice, teach you how to learn docker.

Introduction to Docker technology and actual combat practice dockerOne

Upload person:Xiaozi0leiUpload time: 2015-04-04

Docker official Guide translation and expansion, in accordance with the docker official website guide, suitable for beginners docker.

2015 OpenStack Technology Conference - depth resolution OpenStack and Docker integration - Liu Guangya (Revised Edition)Zero

Upload person:HappytoflyUpload time: 2015-04-26

Core's member Magnum, IBM cloud computing architect Liu Guangya in the 2015 OpenStack Technology Conference on the speech PPT: depth resolution Docker and OpenStack system integration. Covers the advantages and disadvantages of docker existing ecosystem management tools, contact them and openstack, openstack is about how and docker ecosystem fusion, existing openstack and docker integrated project does not cover which is worth to pay close attention to the place.

2015 Container Technology Summit -Docker in the application of the point - Wan LintaoZero

Upload person:HappytoflyUpload time: 2015-04-26

The melting point of network operation and maintenance and development director Wan Lintao in OpenCloud 2015 conference container special speech PPT:Docker application in the melting point, in answer financial network why choose docker, in which scenes using a docker problems based on, share the docker container technology some experiences and lessons in the enterprise environment.

2015 Container Technology Summit -Docker and the combination of OpenShift - Cai ShuZero

Upload person:HappytoflyUpload time: 2015-04-26

Red Riding Hood senior Solutions Architect Shu CAI in combination with OpenCloud 2015 conference container special speech PPT:Docker with openshift, mainly introduced to docker and Google kubernetes as the basis for the development of the third generation openshift platform.

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