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Contains the mainstream, world-class, various industries in the field of software registration machines, these tools will provide us with great convenience; this album continues to update, will continue to bring surprises, expect everyone to focus. 2015 album address: Reminder: before downloading the resources, please check the comments; some people say that it is not easy to use the resources, has been updated and updated to download links, please download the latest upload resources.

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Enterprise V8.x Incl FolderSizesOne

Upload person:Mfkbbdx1Upload time: 2016-01-11

Network at present the best of a disk management tool is foldersizes, the software function is powerful, the operation is simple and convenient, can effectively help us to quickly check and statistical hard disk in each partition to occupy the space size and folders and files of size, and gives a detailed list of statistics. Simply put: if your disk space is less and less, through the foldersizes software can clearly find the "culprit", and delete it, you can also use a lot of disk space. The version of the registered 8.x.

Reaper v5.x patch CockosOne

Upload person:Mfkbbdx1Upload time: 2016-01-11

Compact and powerful REAPER from Cockos company, is a workstation level professional music production software, including multi track recording, audio mixing, MIDI editing and the mother with a number of features such as processing. Software uses 64 bit audio engine, popular all kings of DX and VST audio plug-ins and soft audio support, and comes with a good quality audio effects. Register the latest version of 5.x

Gold v4.x MediaMonkeyTwo

Upload person:Mfkbbdx1Upload time: 2016-01-11

Mediamonkey is a powerful multimedia data used management software, support music file management, recording, conversion, recording and playback. Be able to edit the file label, support MP3, WMA, MPC, APE, FLAC, OGG, VQF, WAV files, as well as M3U (playlist) and audio CD. There are a lot of features to find their own

Calendar Ultimate VueMinder 2016 One

Upload person:Mfkbbdx1Upload time: 2016-01-11

Calendar VueMinder is a beautiful desktop calendar to remind the user interface. The software supports the simultaneous display of multiple calendars in multiple layers, supporting iCalendar subscriptions and Google calendar synchronization. He provides users with a variety of aspects of the reminder, including pop-up tips and desktop alert options. Calendar VueMinder supports the iCalendar standard, allowing the local network in two or more of the local network is located in the Web calendar subscription. You can also export to the iCalendar file, and you can use other calendar programs. Register can be registered with the latest version of the flagship version of 2016

Deluxe v5.x Incl RescuePROThree

Upload person:Mfkbbdx1Upload time: 2016-01-11

Rescuepro Deluxe Edition is a data recovery scheme, SmartMedia and CompactFlash, MMC, memory stick, microdrive, SD, XD picture card, PCMCIA, videocd, DVD etc.... Images, documents, mail, video, music, or any form of data recovery. RescuePRO contains innovative recovery algorithm, it will display a preview of the data can be restored. Software support Windows 8.1 Update it also includes the world class MPEG audio and MPEG video restoration (MPEG-1/2/3) recovery algorithm. What you have stopped to see is the data you have recovered! Register the latest version of 5.x

Pro v1.6.x ScreenpressoTwo

Upload person:Mfkbbdx1Upload time: 2016-01-11

Screen recording software can be divided into two categories: one is focused on the screen recording, and the other is based on the added features such as image editing. Screenpresso belongs to the second category, which provides the most basic image editing and annotation features on the screenshot. This portable software to replace Windows built-in screen capture tool, and add a certain function. Press the print key on the keyboard, and then drag a rectangle on the screen, you can use this part of the interception down. If you press the Ctrl key at the same time, will intercept the entire screen shots, press Ctrl+Shift+Print will intercept the scroll window. 1.6.x version can be registered

Ultimate v5.xx Incl Patch save2pcOne

Upload person:Mfkbbdx1Upload time: 2016-01-11

Save2pc download tool, download the video save format with AVI or MPEG or Flv file to the local computer. Save2pc allows you to easily grab and save the required YouTube and other web sites. Save2pc user interface is very simple, so you do not need any technical knowledge, use it.

UltraBox v1.9x Incl Patch OpenClonerOne

Upload person:Mfkbbdx1Upload time: 2016-01-11

UltraBox OpenCloner is a powerful Blu ray disc processing tool. Not only has the ripping and burning, and other basic functions, the software also allows you download and / or capture movies online and convert it for various video and audio formats. It contains DVD-Cloner, Blue-Cloner, DVD Ripper Open, Blu-ray Ripper Open, SmartBurner and Stream-Cloner Open six software features, so you can use a software to complete the work of the six software.

Pro v3.7.x Incl Patch HitmanTwo

Upload person:Mfkbbdx1Upload time: 2016-01-11

Pro Hitman is an excellent multi engine cloud anti-virus scanner, can be used free of charge, from Holland. It can help users to scan your computer whether they contain spyware or Trojans will cause leakage of user data source, users will help remove one of these risk factors, and gave users a safe environment. In addition, hitman pro but Holland's most popular malicious software removal software, so its power is absolutely can not be underestimated. Because the network has become the important link, therefore the importance of network security is becoming more and more attention has been paid to, if you still ignore the problem, then I advise you, quickly wake up! If one day you could be the springboard into a hacker. Register the latest version of 3.7.x

V4.6.x Incl Patch 1PasswordOne

Upload person:Mfkbbdx1Upload time: 2016-01-11

For the storage and management of password, we introduced before and KeePass lastpass, the former is a source of local account password storage management tool, which provides a browser plug-in, can record each of your website account dense and automatically fill login. However, because all the password LastPass data are stored on the server, many people are worried about their security. And today introduced the 1Password is set a number of long, support multi platform mobile phone, but also now I think I have seen the most perfect password management solution. Register from foreign websites, at least 4.5 of the version can be registered, 4.6 of the test, to test

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