Delphi resource library collectionNine

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Delphi related code, tools, such as the collection of the relevant information, such as the common Delphi to go to school and work to bring convenience to friends, learn from each other and mutual progress.

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System operation of small assistant sourceZero

Upload person:Feng1790291543Upload time: 2016-01-05

The tool is used to develop the Delphi 07, the main is to achieve the win shutdown, canceled, restart the three functions, the follow-up will continue to update and improve the source code

Win system small helperZero

Upload person:Feng1790291543Upload time: 2016-01-05

The tool is convenient system win series of user using the shutdown, logout, restart, and other functions, provide a good help, especially using win8 and win10, don't know how to shutdown and restart, this tool will solve the this problem

Delphi registry skin componentFive

Upload person:Feng1790291543Upload time: 2016-01-13

Delphi only need the BPL, you can load TBHRegister, TBHEncypyCompent and other skin components, installed on the BPL, can be directly compiled

Delphi question + answerTwo

Upload person:Feng1790291543Upload time: 2016-01-14

On some of the common problems of Delphi and solutions.Rar

Character encoding transformation toolTwo

Upload person:Feng1790291543Upload time: 2016-01-15

The tool can be converted to code encoding string string, or string into code, both appropriate

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