9 HTML5 produced the effect of source codeZero

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9 HTML5 produced the effect of source code: player, progress bar, animation, paging, flame, etc.

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HTML5 dynamic flame animation effectsZero

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This is a HTML5 based stunning animation effects, is a dynamic flame animation. This HTML5 animation flame is very realistic, we have also shared a number of other HTML5 flame animation, such as: Canvas HTML5 flame animation and pure CSS3 to achieve LIGHTER flame animation. Generally like this HTML5 animation is based on Canvas, and today this is no exception.

JQuery vector SVG map plug-in JVectorMapZero

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JVectorMap is a vector map based on jQuery plug-in, which is based on the structure of the SVG, and other jQuery map plug-in is different, jVectorMap is a vector map. Also supports the corresponding functions of map scale and map plane movement. Because JVectorMap is based on jQuery, so support for most of the mainstream browser, the application is also very wide.

CSS3 picture effectsZero

Upload person:Baidu_17433251Upload time: 2014-08-20

It allows page picture any tilt angle, in fact the CSS3 realize the tilt of the picture is very simple, we do not need to calculated with various angles by using complex JS, as long as with CSS3 transition attribute can be complete picture of the tilt effect, very simple and specific you can see a demo.

The number of rolling jQuery plug-ins page jPaginateZero

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JPaginate a based on jQuery paging, this jQuery plug-ins page has a characteristic is with the click of a mouse click on the page, page numbers will forward or backward rolling, the effect is very good. Moreover, this jQuery page plug-in provides a variety of styles, you can also use CSS to define the different page styles.

The realization of jQuery focus map (Tab widescreen game picture switch button)Zero

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A new jQuery plugin focus map, this jQuery focus map is widescreen, so the appearance looks very atmospheric, here we shared the many widescreen jQuery plugin focus map, but this jQuery focus picture in picture switch not only has the fade in and fade out animation effects and switch button tab form, switch the picture is also very smooth.

3D/CSS3 3D HTML5 love animationZero

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We can point solution DEMO to see. CSS3 code, these lines are rendered, so that they have the visual effect of 3D. A lot of div, mainly to construct the line area of love.

JQuery achieve drag and drop to remove small icon recycling stationZero

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The use of jQuery internal package drag and drop interface can be simple to drag and drop any elements on the page, you need to drag the application icon to the trash can delete this icon. Mainly including the HTML code, CSS3 code and jQuery code. HTML code is mainly defined as a collection of folders and folders of the container, as well as a small icon of the picture.

HTML5/CSS3 implementation of the application of colorful progress barZero

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Based on HTML5 and CSS3 progress bar application, this progress bar is static, only to provide the progress bar of the colorful appearance. Of course, you can dynamically set the CSS in the progress of the value to become dynamic, a good way to achieve is to use the jQuery dynamic changes in the progress of the CSS, so that the progress bar to move up in real time. demonstration Http://www.html5tricks.com/demoex/5-progress-bars/index.html

HTML5 special effects to produce the classic effect playerZero

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This is a paragraph style is classical, but it is very stylish HTML5 player, said it is a classical player because the tapes of HTML5 player older very creative.

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