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Included programmer written interview books, including C/C++, Java, C# and.NET, PHP, Android. (before the issue of resources, has been re organized.)

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Programmers manual (programmer interview book) PDF versionZero

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Programmers noodles tyrants, manual is programmers interview collection, PDF format, book mainly involves some more common all kinds of programming language interview questions highlights, and introduce some interview techniques. The author has written the book with his own experience and experience as the main line. In order to allow future generations to take detours, some of the problems encountered, as well as some of the online interview questions programmers friends to share with you. Some of these questions have been answered, and some of the answers in the back of the knowledge points have been annotated, to the reader to find. Put these topics and knowledge of the cost of sorting out the book, you are welcome to write a letter to recommend some of the problems encountered in the written examination, to improve the book, be grateful.

Programmers interview book version of the full version pdfZero

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The handwriting is very good, the details about the as a programmer should do what preparation for the interview, should pay attention to what, maybe now you don't these knowledge, to look at it refers to when to use it. As colleges and universities graduate students, critical period comes at a time when looking for a job. Maybe you could get real valuable things from the book, programmer of Canon full version, share for you to download and read.

C/C++ programmer interview book (Liang Zhenyu) PDF scan versionZero

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Many developers of C / C + + language and its underlying principles of grasp is not firm, in the interview process is often full of loopholes, unable to obtain good results. And recruitment units in order to get high quality employees are often used in various forms of interview to investigate job seekers, which makes the difficulty of the interview greatly increased. Job seekers to be successful candidates, not only need a solid basic skills, but also need to withstand the test of emotional intelligence and iq. The book by more than 380 interview questions, for enterprise recruitment C / C + + programmers need to master the knowledge were system, comprehensive summary, to help the reader to the full interview preparation, in the fierce competition in the successful candidates. The contents of this book are mostly based on the it's interview questions, a detailed analysis of the common test sites for C / c++ programmer position. The main contents of this book include the interview process and preparation, English interview, telephone interview, C / c++ language basis, process control, input and output, pretreatment, memory management

Java programmer interview book (Second Edition) (Ou Liqi, Liu Yang, Duan Tao) PDF scan versionZero

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"Java programmer interview book (Second Edition)" is "Java" the second edition collection programmer interview. Version 2 on the retention of the first version of the data structure, string processing, Java program design main content based on the, a large number of update program interview questions, mainly drawn from 2009 to 2011 the interview questions, to reflect the first edition of the book publishing changes have taken place in the past two years, the purpose is to help job seekers in the interview process to better deal with some new problems and respond to the new changes. The Java programmers interview collection (2nd Edition) "finally focuses on the how to carry out English interviews and telephone interviews, and analysis of the job contract, breach of contract matters needing attention and the group interview. This book's interview questions in addition to a detailed analysis of the relevant knowledge of the point is also an extension of the description. Hope that the content of the reader from job seekers to enhance the professional knowledge of the computer has a significant help. "Java program

Programmers interview Raiders (Second Edition) PDF scan versionZero

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Programmer interview strategy (Second Edition): This book describes the programmer in the job search process faced by the two aspects of job communication and programming skills. In the process of programming skills, this book describes some of the knowledge as a programmer must have a simple and practical way to introduce the basic skills of programmers. Emphasize that communication is the highlight of this book, this book includes how to write a focused resume, how to deal with headhunters and human resources representative. In an interview how and examiner of communication content. This book is not only suitable for job seekers, but also suitable for human resource managers and project managers and interviewers.

Programmer interview logic (Dennis Shasha PDF) ((the United States) E. the Chinese version of the Chinese version of the scanZero

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"Programmer interview logic analysis" is divided into 3 parts. The first part from the interesting and exercise the mind of the puzzle, and then give the solution ideas and detailed answers, more "warm up" to provide you with full consideration of the space. The second part of the different types of puzzles such as Sudoku, scheduling problems and probability problem etc.. The third part of the mystery led us to continue the adventure, use their brains to solve a large number of passwords and bank accounts and other issues. Dozens of simple little puzzles not only fully exercise our way of thinking, but also to improve the success rate of the interview laid the foundation. "Programmer interview logic analysis on the problems of" not only for programmers to read, is a puzzle enthusiasts feast. Programmer interview logic problem analysis directory The first part of the intelligence game The first chapter of the competition - not all winners 2 The second chapter is the design of the imagination to decide everything 21 The third chapter luck

Programmer job collection (ISA Kui spring, Yang Zhifu PDF scan version)Zero

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The programmer job collection "to a job interview programmers as the core, a comprehensive introduction to the programmer in the interview should master the basic skills, and from self positioning, to apply for a job interview, Zhenti interview, the interview process and the survival of the workplace and other aspects, to explain the an interviewer should master all the knowledge. The book is divided into six chapters 28. Among them, the first step into the job interview, mainly including you understand the programmer?, programmers self positioning, understanding the hiring process, channel selection and the design of the resume of to apply for a job content; section 2 is successful to apply for a job in a proper way, mainly including the preparation before the interview, interview several ways, written examination and interview, telephone interview, intelligence tests, interviews in English and so on; the third part is the Java technology, including the contents of the C \ C + + language foundation, array, function and pointer, pre processing and memory management, data structure, common algorithm; Chapter 4 is the Java technology, mainly including the language based on Java, for

C# and.NET programmers interview book (Le Roy, Hu Xinxin PDF)Zero

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The C# and. Net programmers interview collection "drawn to the major IT companies over the years interview questions 252 (including R & D types of written and oral exam questions, EQ and IQ topic), a detailed analysis of the candidate C and. Net programmer common test sites. The C# and. Net programmers interview collection "main contents including: interview process, basic grammar and technical framework, data access and XML application, premium features and application of advanced, testing and quality assurance, multinational companies classic interview questions and so on. The C# and. Net programmers interview collection "incidental 1 CD, the content of the book interview questions of multi-media teaching video and free entry.ASP.NET teaching video. The C# and. Net programmers Baodian interview "the interview questions not only in form of example code and flow chart of the answers were detailed analysis, also the related knowledge was extended to explain. Hope C# and.N

C++ C software engineer job hunting manual Hu Lingyun PDF scan versionZero

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This book is a detailed analysis of the software engineer job in the process of the common problems of the IT company to examine job seekers interview employers need to tell the reader what kind of technical personnel to examine what kind of technical knowledge and how to identify the talents of the book is divided into 3 parts with 14 chapters and first articles about the job search process is the programmer job the whole process including resume writing resume written and all kinds of interview and lists the most commonly used words English interview convenient reference for readers is second on the C C++ interview questions as the core for the whole length of 85% this paper focuses on the C C++ programmers need to master the technology combined with the company's actual interview questions to explain some of the key and difficult interview (such as a string of C++ object oriented STL etc.) for the comprehensive and in-depth analysis Answer readers can read this part through a comprehensive understanding of C C

Programmers interview book (Ou Liqi, Liu Yang, Duan Tao) (Third Edition) Chinese PDF versionZero

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Now in the workplace is an enterprise will be hard to find, a good programmer for a company is too important, and generally small IT enterprises simply to recruit good talent, but for the elite talent for second tier cities and worried unable to retain talent. Programmers interview collection (3rd Edition) "covered the high over the years for the corporate and test Zhenti, (including examination questions, oral questions, telephone interview questions, interview English problem and logic test and intelligence test), carefully collected, precision analysis, and expand to the extent necessary. A book in hand, job search! After the 1 edition, 2nd edition will continue to improve, before and after 10 times reprinted, for a number of years the major book ranking list of Top Glory, 2nd Edition won China Book Industry Association Award for "2009 annual industry wide best-selling varieties". Hundreds of thousands of IT graduates and programmer job collection. Is not only useful to the programmer job, for the enterprise is also the collection oh.

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