BLE Android Bluetooth example (including the Lightblue version of Android)

Chenliqiang123456782016-01-14 upload
Source code which has Bluetooth4_3/BLEDemo/Android_Lightblue.apk three. The first two are demo BLE. BLEDemo this function is more than Bluetooth4_3, there are interested can look at. Android_Lightblue.apk is the Android version of the lightblue, in the development of ble when using the app as an auxiliary tool is very good, the function is more than BLEDemo Bluetooth4_3 these two demo are strong. But Android_Lightblue.apk in android5.0 above the version of the phone does not run up, I do not have the source of the app. Look at the back will be updated. Corresponding to the blog address:
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