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[my last album in this series, the network is definitely not the "layman] program design (Chinese Edition)" introduces the core concepts of writing computer programs: variables, judgment, circulation, function and the object - whether by which programming language, can be in a dynamic and versatile Python language use specific examples and exercises to consolidate and use these concepts. Learn basic tools to start writing programs that interest you, not what other people think you should use general software, and what the software can do (not do) have a better understanding of. When you do this, you have the necessary foundation to use any language or software you need or want to learn. "A simple program design (Chinese Edition)" the special feature is that we think your time is so precious that should not be spent for the new concept of headache above. "Simple program design" to create multiple senses with the latest cognitive science and learning theory, learning experience, use for the workings of the brain visual format, rather than a dense text be sleepy straws.
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