Resource upload protocol

Audit standard

In order to ensure that the majority of users can normally and easily use the download channel resources, CSDN for users to upload all the resources will be audited. The following resources will not be reviewed by.

1 the resources include Chinese laws, regulations, rules, regulations, and any content that is restricted or prohibited by the legal validity of the regulations, including but not limited to the following circumstances:
  • Against the basic principles established by the constitution;
  • Endangering national security, revealing state secrets, subversion of state power, the destruction of national unity;
  • Damage to national honor and interests;
  • To incite ethnic hatred, ethnic discrimination and undermine national unity;
  • Undermine the national religious policy, to promote the cult and feudal superstition;
  • Spread rumors, disrupt social order, undermine social stability;
  • To spread obscene, pornographic, gambling, violence, murder, terrorism or criminal;
  • Insult or slander others, infringe upon the lawful rights of others;
  • Inciting unlawful assembly, association and demonstrations, and disturb the social order;
  • In the name of illegal civil society organizations;
  • Contain false, harmful, threatening, against the others privacy, harassment, abuse, defamation, vulgar, obscene, or other morally objectionable content.
  • Containing the Chinese laws, regulations, rules, regulations, and any other contents that are restricted or prohibited by the laws and regulations.
2 resources include advertising, spam and other content.
3 resources can not be normal: for the problem of its own resources, leading users to browse can not be guaranteed, the resources will not be passed.
4 resources contain other content that does not conform to the rules of the CSDN website.


Right tips

Do not upload any resources that may be involved in the case without authorization, unless you are the legal person or the resource of the resource that does not infringe upon the lawful rights and interests of any third party.

1 CSDN on the content from the user upload, CSDN does not make any edits or changes to its. CSDN users cannot infringe intellectual property rights and other rights, including the copyright of others.

  • 1) without copyright person agreed to conduct reproduction in whole or in part to the works of others without authorization, modify, adapt, translation, compilation, there may infringe others' copyright, not the content uploaded to CSDN.
  • 2) CSDN user can for introduction, review, research purposes, in the reasonable range of appropriate reference to others already published works, but should indicate the author's name and the title of the work, and shall not be the legitimate rights and interests of the people of infringing upon the copyright and other rights.

2 user commitment: all of its resources to meet the relevant provisions of China's laws and regulations and regulatory documents, does not infringe upon the legitimate rights and interests of any third party. If the user violates the foregoing guarantee, CSDN reserves the right to delete the relevant resource content, and may suspend or terminate the service provided to the user.

3 such as the content of CSDN users to upload a violation of the legitimate rights of the third parties, the third direction CSDN proposed to report, confirm the right to delete the relevant contents of the infringement after the CSDN.

4 when the right people found that the content of CSDN infringement of their legitimate rights and interests, the right people can report to the CSDN, CSDN will be in accordance with Chinese laws and regulations and regulatory documents to take measures to remove the relevant content and other reasonable measures. Please send a report to the customer service email address PROG3.COM (at) webmaster.


Terms of use

1 for any content that is uploaded to the CSDN by the user, the user agrees that CSDN has the right to free, permanent, irrevocable, non exclusive use and re licensing within the scope of the world. CSDN enjoy the rights to modify, copy, issue, perform, display, information network dissemination, adaptation, translation, compilation and so on.

2 users upload to CSDN resources and its content does not represent the CSDN point of view, CSDN is not true, complete, accurate and legitimacy of the resources and content of any guarantee.

3 users should keep their own CSDN account and password. Due to the user's own reasons for the loss of accounts, passwords or other important information, the user to bear all the adverse consequences.

4 due to system maintenance or upgrade and other reasons to suspend the service, CSDN will be released in advance notice. Due to hardware failure or other force majeure caused by suspension of service, in the suspension of service caused by all the inconvenience and loss, CSDN is not responsible for any.

5 CSDN shall have the right to modify and improve the relevant provisions of the CSDN download channel agreement in accordance with the development of the Internet and the changes of relevant laws, regulations and regulatory documents of the people's Republic of China. CSDN reserves the right to modify the terms of the download channel at any time. Users to use CSDN, that means to agree and voluntarily comply with all the terms of the download channel agreement and the latest version.

6 this Agreement does not involve the issue of the relevant laws and regulations of the state. When the conflict between this Agreement and the state laws and regulations, the state laws and regulations shall prevail.

The final interpretation of this Agreement shall be owned by CSDN.

How to get CSDN download points

Project name Obtain detailed rules Integral quantity
Ordinary resources are downloaded 100 points capped, download their own resources without points Resource Sharing Download
Zero resources are downloaded 100 points cap, zero points easier access to download 1 points * Downloads
C currency exchange 1C currency =2 download points By the exchange of C coins how many decisions
Report resources are confirmed Report resources and the situation is true 20 points
Forum available Available for 5:1 Up to 20 points per day
activity Complete download task Get more than 10 points
Mobile authentication binding Mobile phone binding to get C coins 10 points
Pay close attention to public numbers and bind CSDNID followIT school careerPublic number and bind CSDNID 10 points

Net integral term

Project name Obtain detailed rules Integral quantity
Download resources Repeat download without deduction The integration of the resource upload settings.
Delete resource Does not match the CSDN location (such as copyright issues) The points obtained by the deduction of the resource
Malicious access to download By means of improper means to obtain the download points Integral zero
Malicious upload Upload advertising resources, etc. Integral reset title

Integral level upload file

Integral level Integral interval Upload files
Zero Zero 50M
V1 1 < < 100 points 60M
V2 100 < < 500 points 70M
V3 500 < < 1000 points 80M
V4 1000 < < 2000 points 100M
V5 2000 < < 5000 points 200M
V6 5000 < < 10000 points 300M
V7 10000 < < 30000 points 600M
V8 30000 < < 50000 points 600M
V9 50000 < < 100000 points 600M
V10 100000 < < 200000 points 700M
V11 200000 < < 300000 points 700M
V12 300000 < < 500000 points 700M
V13 500000 < < 800000 points 800M
V14 800000 < < 1000000 points 800M
V15 1000000 < < 2000000 points 800M


Upload resources within 5 days and no download, the publisher can remove the resources on their own; upload success, such as the issue of the need to modify or delete resources, mail to;

View the score record, upload resources and create albums that can be"My resources"In the search; for the download channel put forward reasonable proposals are adopted, can get additional incentives.Customer service area

C currency rule

What is the C currency

C currency is applicable to the latest CSDN exchange mechanism for rewarding users to contribute to the value of the community. Users in a channel to get C coins, you can redeem the download points, CSDN souvenirs, activities prizes, online training courses, etc..

Get C coins on download channel (interim version)

behavior Get quantity Explain
Resources are downloaded 10 times per One Each resource up to get the 10C currency, less than 10 times does not calculate the C currency
Mobile authentication binding Five Personal settings - mobile phone first binding account
Create a boutique album One Boutique album through the audit to obtain 1 C coins, up to 20 C coins
Delete resource Upload illegal information, net of the C coins obtained by the resource

Review criteria (Interim)

Dear user:

After the CSDN download channel resources to download the resources for a reasonable score, comments,Can let more people understand the resources, reflecting the value of the resources.

Now download channel resources review audit standards (provisional version) announced as follows, this version is the interim version, we will continue to optimize the download channel development and user feedback.

A review of the review include

1, the description of the resource is not detailed to make the appropriate comments
For example:
The attachment is in English. The scan is too vague, does not recommend the English is not good students to download.
This book is the people's post and Telecommunications version, not the Southeast University version of the. Content is very wide, from one to twenty-four chapters are, but are the summary, not the full version.
2, pointed out that the application of resources and the reasons for the application of reasons
For example:
Good, suitable for beginners, learn a single linked list is a list of two-way and circular table as well as the premise of the stack!
Could not go through the example:
Suitable for beginners.
3, pointed out that the resource content is complete
For example:
Document translation is very good, but the lack of a 5-9 chapter.
4, pointed out that the resource description and the actual situation has different comments
For example:
Resource description is Chinese, the actual is in english.
The title is the source code, the actual exe executable file.
Green version, the actual or shared version.
5, detailed description of the actual operation of the results of the review
For example:
Resources can not be run under WIN7. Reported: XXXX library lost.
Code can run. But in Chrome15 under the page deformation.
Can not use ah, my running environment is WIN7+CHROM7.
Could not pass the example:
Could not use ah
Under a long time can not understand
6, the use of resources, feelings, the results have a detailed description of the review
For example:
, to extract the Android boot.img content, the really very practical, for kernel or change a ramdisk to use it
Could not pass the example:
And practical, thank you.
Very detailed.
Good resources, less content.
It's great!
7, points out the actual problems, and gives the specific solutions
For example:
Code in the presence of bug, did not consider the issue of critical to enter the illegal character, the proposed code XXX to add a judge
This resource is a blank resource.
Code XXX section of the existing problems, adding a variable can be resolved. If you do not understand the download, you can add my QQ:1235656 to solve.
Could not pass the example:
I have an updated version, and need to add QQ:1235656
Could not extract
Norton virus ah
8, to provide users with better resources than the current resource reference
For example:
There is a better than this version of the Internet, the name is called Access to SQL server DB_CreateSqlEV1.06 database script generator, like you can look for

Two, can not be included in the review of the review:

1, in violation of the basic rules of the CSDN community comments
2, the comments include insulting or slander others, infringe upon the legitimate rights and interests of others
3, to vent personal feelings of extreme comments
4, and the resources are not relevant comments
5, and the person in question to exchange comments (comments can not be responded, so in the comments of the exchange can not effect. If you want to communicate with the user issues, please go to their personal space to send text messages in the station
For example:
Could you teach me how to open it.
The landlord to ask how to generate documents ah
6, the statement is not fluent, expression is not clear.
7, no meaning only piece together words
8, the description of the content of the content of the review
9, copying other users comments
10, including advertising review
11, due to the use of the user's own mistakes, the other staff are misleading comments
For example:
This CHM file is open without content. Note: CHM files need to unlock the system, can be used normally, does not belong to the issue of resources.

* the final interpretation of the above standard is the right to CSDN all, if you have any questions please contact: webmaster (at) PROG3.COM

Online reporting standards

Dear CSDN users:

CSDN download channel online report function has been formally launched, when you find a violation of resources, as long as the adoption of online reporting and reporting is adopted, you can getSystem automatic reward 20 download points!

If the contents of the report is not true or do not accept the scope is unable to get a reward, please carefully read the following content, can let your report at the same time to quickly accept the admissibility of points.

One, belong to the category can be reported (as follows):

  1. Resources can not be downloaded
  2. Resources can not be used
  3. The title is not in conformity with the actual content
  4. Content that is hazardous to the safety of the state
  5. Containing reactionary pornography and other content
  6. Advertising content
  7. Copyright issues, violations of personal or company's copyright
  8. Other

Please describe the details of your complaint in detail, so that managers can be more accurate in reporting.

Two, resources to report the processing of basic standards

(a), the resources can not be downloaded
  • Show that download the resource does not exist, the prompt report directly after the adoption of
(two) resources can not be used
  1. Typically, the resource is not used by the user to do some kind of setting, the administrator can not be too interference,Users can upload and share their private letters, can also refer to the resources of the user comments.
  2. Show registration machine, class software, tools to report the problem of reporting does not deal with the problem
    Part of the hacker tools resources are easy to be anti-virus software virus, such phenomena are within the normal range, such reports should be considered as the case.
  3. CHM file can not open the report does not deal with the problem
    Some of the computer on the CHM format was locked, CHM files need to unlock the lock can be opened (that is, right - click the file - properties - Unlock - off - once again open), such reports do not handle.
  4. Resource without extracting passwords report does not deal with the problem
    After some of the resources are downloaded, double-click the right side will appear to extract the password, the resource itself does not exist, such a report does not deal with.
  5. Resources can not be normal decompression of the report does not deal with the problem
    Size (1) different levels of users to upload resources are not the same, some large resource requires divided into several parts to upload, users to download upload resources of this kind of division, you need to download all parts of the party can be unpacked. If the report is not the resources of the whole, and to report the resources can not be extracted, such reports are not handled.
    (2) some of the resources required to extract the specific software can extract (such as fast pressure, good pressure, etc.), because users do not install the software to extract the resources can not be extracted, this kind of report does not deal with.
(three), the title and the actual content does not match
Due to the user's own reasons for the objective judgment of the report does not deal with
Users believe that data on their own didn't help, this is not in-depth, the technology content is higher as the comments or upload and send private messages.
(four), containing the contents of the national security of harm, containing reactionary pornography and other content, containing advertising content
  1. Pure advertising resources report can be directly adopted
    Resources included in the content of pure advertising category, the user does not have any value of the content is not allowed to upload, such reports can be directly adopted;
  2. Content that is hazardous to the safety of the state
    Resource title, description, resource package contains harmful state, the government's interests are not allowed to upload content, such reports can be directly adopted;
  3. Containing reactionary pornography and other content
    Resource title, description, resource contains any pornographic, anti government, all kinds of prohibited items such as content or information is not allowed to upload, such reports can be directly adopted;
(five) if the resources involved copyright issues, please send email to webmaster (at) PROG3.COM (required to provide the company's business license and software related copyright), such reports need to be dealt with separately.