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    Download VIP year card: the original price of 300 yuan is only 108

    RMB 108 yuan

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    Download VIP it: 300 free download resources integration

    RMB 75 yuan

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    250 C coins


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    1000 C coins


VIP member statement:

Download rights and interests:

It has 300 members to download resources rights.

The half year card member has 600 times to download the rights and interests of the resources.

The membership of the year card has 1200 rights to download resources.

The term of validity:

It membership is valid for 3 months.

The half year card membership is valid for 6 months.

The year card membership is valid for 12 months.

Membership expires: when the number of downloads has been used or exceeds the specified time, it will expire automatically.

For the invoice users, the invoice express fee needs to be paid, please contact the customer service.

statementVIP is not refundable after the purchase is successful and has been used.

VIP users are forbidden to use the site resources to provide a paid download service for others in any way. Once found, the station has the right to seal the account.

C currency declaration:

The C currency is the virtual integral of the contribution and purchase of the CSDN community. It can be exchanged for the CSDN college course, the C coin platform gift, and the forum available.

C currency can be used to download all station resources directly.

Please check the account and recharge amount carefully before recharge. Once the recharge is successful, the refunds cannot be refunded.

Contact information:

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Telephone consultation: 010-64351436

Mailbox Consulting: reader@PROG3.COM