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CCNA theoretical basis to explain the --5 discount package

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10 door
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72 hours
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Package description: package package CCNA + = worry theory packages, the corresponding need to buy all the students, save a buy trouble, but also can enjoy preferential packages.

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[CISCO CCNA Theory: 10] --ACL experimental expansion

More courses, please Baidu search "Hai Jiang chao". There are a lot of strategies, in front of the CCNP video, has done a routing map table route-map and policy routing PBR thematic experiments, although these...

  • NineClass (has been updated toNine)
  • Fifty-sixbranchTwenty-onesecond
  • $20

[CISCO CCNA Theory: 1] - switch default network...

Default-gateway IP on the theory to understand, nothing to say, is not to use or do not know when to use, video through 3 cases to explain, with everyone to understand the two layer switch...

  • FiveClass (has been updated toFive)
  • Twenty-ninebranch08second
  • $20

[CISCO CCNA Theory: 2] default- --ip...

Understanding the default-network IP command and the application in a variety of routing protocols

  • EightClass (has been updated toEight)
  • Forty-threebranchThirtysecond
  • $20

[CISCO CCNA Theory: 3] --VLAN (virtual bureau...

Zero based learning VLAN, the most commonly used network switching technology, as well as CCNA and CCNP Cisco network authentication test contents.

  • TwelveClass (has been updated toTwelve)
  • 01hourForty-eightbranchFifty-ninesecond
  • $20

[4]: CISCO CCNA theory --VTP Xiangjie video course

Depth study of the function and configuration of CISCO VTP, learn to simplify the configuration of VLAN through VTP, optimize VLAN traffic.

  • SevenClass (has been updated toSeven)
  • FortybranchFifty-threesecond
  • $20
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Twenty-threeOne courseFifty-five thousand nine hundred and eighty-twoStudent
Huambo Suzhou IT education founder and CEO, Suzhou 46516VUE CISCO examination center responsible person. 9 years of training at CISCO (CCNA, CCNP, CCIE and universal lecturer) exam management experience, the official CISCO learning network (CLN) CCNA, CCNP and CCIE certification forum moderator. Teaching style: good example, the interpretation of the technical principles of the interpretation of the life of the case, emphasizing the importance of training the ability to learn, rather than only focus on learning how much knowledge.

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