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Android actual combat introductory course package

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2 door
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66 hours
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Android easy entry &App; common update strategy, so that you go Android development on the road to go farther and farther.

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Android tutorial

This course consists of CSDN expert blogger IT_xiao by DEDECATES granted, for Android beginners to practice curriculum of this course, a detailed introduction of Android basic aspects, from the development of the ring...

  • SixtyClass (has been updated toSixty)
  • 07hourFifty-threebranchTwenty-twosecond
  • $60

Android application update implementation strategy

App update is a very common application of a function, the basic networking app should have such a function, for the update iteration faster products, application updates to allow users to...

  • SixClass (has been updated toSix)
  • 01hourThirteenbranchEighteensecond
  • $10

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TwoOne courseNinety-two thousand four hundred and seventy-eightStudent
CSDN popular blogger, mobile development enthusiasts, Android development engineers, love technology and sharing of literary youth, proficient in Andriod development.

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