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IOS8 top video tutorial (Swift version)

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Package introduction

This package covers most of the commonly used iOS8 development technology, all courses in the package using the Swift language development and explain. Students through this package can be more comprehensive grasp of the various iOS8 development technology, the road to high wages in the eyes, you can not take your own decision. The package of courses including IOS development started, UI controls, multi view, navigation bar, table view, the search bar), video, audio and video, expansion (extension), data persistence, networking and concurrency, drawing API, gesture recognition, GPS and map, camera localization and so on. Content.

Include course

IOS8 development technology (Swift version): iOS basic knowledge

This course mainly introduces the basic situation of the development of app iOS. For example, the need for hardware and software conditions, how to apply for the developer account, XCode commonly used functions. Finally give a...

  • Twenty-threeClass (has been updated toTwenty-three)
  • 02hourTwenty-twobranchForty-sixsecond
  • $20

IOS8 development technology (Swift version): commonly used controls

This course mainly introduces the function and using method of the common control in iOS.

  • ThirtyClass (has been updated toThirty)
  • 07hour01branchNineteensecond
  • $99

IOS8 development technology (Swift version): screen adaptation

This course introduces the various techniques of iOS screen adaptation. Such as a variety of resolution, AutoLayout, SizeClass, etc..

  • FourteenClass (has been updated toFourteen)
  • 02hourThirty-eightbranchFourteensecond
  • $60

IOS8 development technology (Swift version): multi view and UITabBar

This course mainly introduces the toolbar, uitabbar, uitabtabcontroller, as well as multi view switching problem.

  • TenClass (has been updated toTen)
  • 02hourForty-ninebranch08second
  • $70

IOS8 development technology (Swift version): navigation bar and table view

This course mainly introduces the use of UINavigationBar, UITableView and other control methods. Details see directory.

  • TwentyClass (has been updated toTwenty)
  • 05hourTwenty-onebranchFifty-onesecond
  • $88
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Lecturer introduction

Li Ning
NineteenOne courseEighty-six thousand one hundred and fifteenstudent
Master of computer science, Northeastern University, has been a well-known domestic IT enterprise project manager. Has published more than 10 books IT. Major works include the depth of the Android exploration (Volume 2) system application source code analysis and custom ROM ", the depth of the Android exploration (Vol. 1): Hal and driven development", the Android development of the definitive guide (Second Edition) "," swift authority guide ".