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CCNA Almighty master: routing switch...

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21 hours
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Package introduction

We do not necessarily have to become a CCIE expert, but we can become a master CCNA almighty! The characteristics of this package is in the zero based learning CCNA experimental basis, extended learning the basic configuration of the wireless and voice. Thus, the basic configuration of the routing and switching, wireless, safe have a comprehensive understanding, compared work, no difference between CCNA is which direction. According to the survey in the daily teaching process, 95% of the CCNA learning staff, all want to learn the basis of routing switch CCNA, learn some basic knowledge and configuration of wireless, voice, especially secure VPN.

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CCNA fun combat wireless experimental video courses - including PPPOE...

More courses, please Baidu search "Hai Jiang chao". Version 802 (including 802) prior to the CCNA certification, there is a wireless content, and later removed the new version of the content. Why? Because, thinking...

  • SevenClass (has been updated toSeven)
  • 02hour04branchThirtysecond
  • $39

CCNA fun real voice video courses - enterprise VoIP networking experiments

More courses, please Baidu search "Hai Jiang chao". Many students learning CCNA courses, all want to be able to understand some simple wireless, dial-up, voice, security and other knowledge, so, I also...

  • FiveClass (has been updated toFive)
  • 01hourForty-sixbranchFifty-twosecond
  • $19

CISCO CCNA actual combat VPN video course - enterprise VPN networking demonstration

More courses, please Baidu search "Hai Jiang chao".

  • NineClass (has been updated toNine)
  • 02hourTwenty-eightbranchFifteensecond
  • $29

Lecturer introduction

Chao Haijiang
ThirteenOne courseFourteen thousand nine hundred and sevenstudent
Huambo Suzhou IT education founder and CEO, Suzhou 46516VUE CISCO examination center responsible person. 9 years Cisco (CCNA, CCNP, CCIE Almighty lecturer) training and examination management experience, think of official network learning space (CLN) CCNA, CCNP and CCIE certification forum moderator. Teaching style: good example, the interpretation of the technical principles of the interpretation of the life of the case, emphasizing the importance of training the ability to learn, rather than only focus on learning how much knowledge.