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  • curriculum> Cloud computing / big data> Hadoop> Introduction to the zero foundation of Hadoop ecosystem
  • Introduction to the zero foundation of Hadoop ecosystem

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    Course catalog
    • 1 Hadoop zero based entry 1: learning new knowledge (Hadoop) method 1 (free)
    • 13:20
    • 2 Hadoop zero based entry 2: learning new knowledge (Hadoop) method 2 (free)
    • 11:52
    • 3 basic knowledge of Hadoop zero foundation entry 3:hadoop (free)
    • 9:30
    • 4 Hadoop zero based portal 4: virtual machine three kinds of network models introduced (free)
    • 11:13
    • 5 Hadoop zero base 5: virtual machine network settings (free)
    • 16:59
    • 6 Hadoop zero base entry 6:linux basic commands commonly used commands
    • 12:40
    • 7 Hadoop zero based entry 7:linux common commands of the network and DNS knowledge
    • 7:37
    • 8 Hadoop zero based entry VI commonly used commands 8:linux editor
    • 8:30
    • 9 Hadoop zero based entry 9:linux commonly used commands SSH
    • 5:08
    • 10 Hadoop zero based entry 10:linux commonly used commands winscp and decompression software
    • 8:40
    • 11 Hadoop zero based entry 11:linux commonly used commands chown, copy, rename, and grep and other commands
    • 13:23
    • 12 Hadoop zero based entry 12:linux common commands of the virtual machine clone, remote copy SCP
    • 18:02
    • 13 Hadoop zero based entry 13:java zero foundation 1
    • 9:22
    • 14 Hadoop zero based entry 14:java zero foundation entry 2-jdk, eclipse installation configuration
    • 5:05
    • 15 Hadoop zero based entry 15:java zero foundation entry word 3-hello small program
    • 5:49
    • 16 Hadoop zero based portal 16:hadoop2.7 deployment ready
    • 15:37
    • 17 Hadoop zero base entry 17:hadoop2.7 pseudo distribution installation
    • 18:41
    • 18 Hadoop zero based portal eclipse under the 18:linux installation
    • 5:27
    • 19 Hadoop zero based portal eclipse access to source and associated 19:hadoop2.7
    • 16:41
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    • [course type]Actual combat Teaching [difficulty level]senior [suitable for the crowd]all
    • [course introduction]
      This article is based on the about cloud from a zero based big data entry, the added knowledge includes: Linux, Java, virtual machines and other knowledge, and then Hadoop ecosystem from cluster deployment to the development of knowledge and other knowledge
    • [course objectives]
      Implementation of zero based entry
    • [Course Project]
      First from the zero based entry Hadoop, and then gradually explain HBase, hive, flume and other big data framework

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    Hou Yongjiao
    TwocurriculumFifty-eight thousand and fifty-eightstudent
    About cloud chief lecturer, years of software development experience, has served as project manager, architect, technical director and other positions. Currently focus on big data cloud technology.
    Affiliated institutions:Beijing about network

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