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  • curriculum> Office / design> Graphic design> Photoshop YiDianTong image processing
  • Photoshop YiDianTong image processing

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    Course catalog
    The first chapter: Photoshop image processing YiDianTong
    • 1 understanding Photoshop (free)
    • 9:34
    • 2 the beginning of success: the choice of Technology
    • 24:20
    • 3 works: image retouching tools
    • 31:08
    • 4 image rendering and removal tool
    • 29:01
    • 5 color management and color
    • 18:05
    • 6 basic operation of image
    • 21:59
    • 7 layer management
    • 26:43
    • 8 indispensable words
    • 6:20
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    • [course type]Technical course [difficulty level]senior [suitable for the crowd]All
    • [course introduction]
      Photoshop YiDianTong image processing
    • [course objectives]
      Photoshop YiDianTong image processing
    • [Course Project]
      Photoshop YiDianTong image processing
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    Published evaluation
    Lan Xiaoyu
    TwelvecurriculumTwenty-two thousand four hundred and ninety-nineStudent
    Microsoft Server System Windows technical expert
    Affiliated institutions:IT Training Institute

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