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  • curriculum> Software development> software test> C/C++ unit test training
  • C/C++ unit test training

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    Course catalog
    • 1 floor landing: Course Introduction (free)
    • 9:26
    • 2 start: unit test entry (free)
    • 9:30
    • 3 guide tools: Visual Unit 4 starter (free)
    • 14:40
    • 4 to do a good job: eTDD Foundation (free)
    • 12:59
    • 5 cost reduction key: table driven Foundation (free)
    • 12:01
    • 6 the key to reducing costs: table driven foundation two
    • 12:39
    • 7 coupling is not a problem: the underlying input
    • 17:01
    • 8 address: local input and output Difficult miscellaneous diseases
    • 17:24
    • 9 aviation standards is not difficult: one of the white box cover
    • 14:35
    • 10 aviation standards are not difficult: white box cover two
    • 18:57
    • 11 valuable results: test output and test reports
    • 18:11
    • The 12 line data to construct the list: one of the advanced driving table
    • 17:40
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    • [course type]Technical course [difficulty level]intermediate [suitable for the crowd]All
    • [course introduction]
      Quick to master C/C++ unit testing technology. Curriculum abandoned broad and cannot fall to the ground of the theory, face the unit test problem in enterprise project, a simple to teaching problems, ideas and methods of the C / C + + unit test. On the basis of this course, students only need to go through some practice, it can be applied in the actual development of the unit test, TDD, ETDD.
    • [course objectives]
      Personally, master unit testing, enhance their own value. Enterprises, the use of unit testing, improve product quality, shorten the development cycle, reduce the cost of R & D.
    • [Course Project]
      1 lecture courses, 22 courses, the total length of about 5.5 hours. That side while learning to practice, learning about every day, about 3 weeks after.

    Fifteen She in the lights: case design
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    Twenty-three With one stroke: embedded unit test
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    Tong Wang
    OnecurriculumThree thousand four hundred and thirty-fivestudent
    Has always focused on the technology of ultra - experienced programmers, has an authorized patent, three patents pending. Focus on unit testing and implementation of high quality and efficient development in the field for more than ten years, the main work for the product strategy planning, technical research, major customer support and training, still insist on writing code every day. Based on a wealth of practice and a large number of enterprise technical support experience, the programmer's learning and growth has a unique perception, hoping to contribute to the development of a high quality programmers.

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