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Master Tencent artificial intelligence license plate recognition technology

Master license plate recognition and parking lot management system

Master SSM framework development project

AJAX Technology

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Relevant persons with basic technologies such as SSM, mysql, jQuery, AJAX, JSON, etc

Course introduction

Master the license plate recognition technology based on Tencent artificial intelligence (AI), and use the license plate recognition technology to realize a complete parking lot management system. The projects include web page calling camera photography, license plate photography and recognition, uploading license plate picture recognition, user management, vehicle management (temporary vehicle and monthly vehicle), vehicle exit, admission management and parking fee collection management, According to the functions of automatic calculation of parking fee, system parameter setting, modification of user password and safe exit, the system adopts JSP technology, SSM framework, MySQL database, AJAX technology, artificial intelligence and other related technologies.

Important notice: according to the new interface of Tencent AI license plate recognition, this course updates the source code of the new interface and releases the program. Students who have purchased the course can download the new program, including (running program and source code). Update time: February 17, 2021

Project development technology: Java, JSP, mysql, mybatis, spring MVC, jQuery, AJAX, JSON
Project operation environment: jdk1.7 and above, Tomcat 6.0 and above, mysql5.5 and above
Project development tool: the project development tool is eclipse, which also supports other versions of development tools such as MyEclipse and IntelliJ idea

Learning sequence of relevant courses

Our courses are a full set of courses to train Java software engineers, JSP Web application development and Android engineers. The learning sequence of the courses is as follows:
Java Junior Engineer:
1. Fundamentals of computer
2. Fundamentals of HTML language
3. C language from entry to mastery + Snake game
4. Snake game
5. SQL Server database foundation
6. Java from entry to mastery + push box game + QQ instant messaging software
7. Push box game;
8. Imitation QQ instant messaging software;
Java intermediate Engineer:
9. SQLSERVER database advanced
10. Sqlserver from entry to mastery (Basic + Advanced)
11. From getting started to mastering JavaScript,
12. JSP from entry to mastery + ordering system,
13. JSP from entry to mastery + online video learning education platform,
14. JSP from entry to mastery + large e-commerce platform;
15. From getting started to mastering XML,
16. Data structure (Java version),
Java Senior Engineer:
17. Oracle database from entry to mastery,
18. Ajax + jQuery from entry to mastery,
19. EasyUI from entry to mastery,
SSH Framework:
20. From introduction to mastery of struts 2,
21. From introduction to mastery of hibernate,
22. Spring from introductory to proficient courses;
23. From introduction to mastery,
24. Import and export of Excel based on poi
Workflow framework:
25. Activiti process framework from entry to mastery
26. JBPM process framework from entry to mastery
SSM framework:
27. Mybatis from introduction to mastery
28. From entry to mastery of spring MVC
Interview questions:
29. Collection of career planning and interview questions
Commercial projects:
30, WeChat official account online payment system
31. Wechat life payment online payment system
32, Alipay life payment online payment system
33. Online examination system
34. Mobile ordering management system,
35. CRM Customer Relationship Management System
36. Large real estate CRM sales management system
37. Cmpp2, cmpp3 mobile gateway system
artificial intelligence:
38. Face recognition online examination system
39. Face recognition system project practice
40. Actual combat of license plate recognition system project
41. Actual combat of ID card identification system project
42. Actual operation of business license identification system project

43. Business card identification management system

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