You will reap

Use the methods in the course to locate job search objectives and improve job search efficiency.

Master the systematic method and process of preparing for interview and fight a confident battle.

Apply various interview methods to improve the pass rate.

Learn to repeat the interview experience, help your growth, and learn to choose an offer.

intended for

All people who are looking for a job or want to change jobs, especially programmers.

Course introduction

 When looking for a job, many developers just submit their resumes one by one, do written tests again and again, go to interviews again and again, and then be rejected again and again... in fact, I don't know how to systematically prepare for an interview. Every interview is like lucky luck. Such a job search process is both difficult and painful.

In view of this, I summarized my past job search experience and experience as an interviewer, designed this course, which is divided into four parts to introduce how to systematically prepare an interview to effectively improve the success rate of job search.

1. The positioning chapter introduces the methods to judge when to change jobs, clarify the reasons for changing jobs, what you want, inventory core resources, find job search objectives and set reasonable expectations.

2. The preparation part discusses the three misunderstandings of resume, two modes of self introduction, professional preparation, common non-technical problems, questioning links, etc.

3. Interview section, which introduces how to make a good impression on the interviewer, how to structurally express and when answering questions, and common questions in salary negotiation.

4. The second part discusses how to repeat an interview, how to grow from the interview, and how to choose an offer.

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