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  • curriculum> Mobile development> Micro channel development> Java- micro channel enterprise interface courses
  • Java- micro channel enterprise interface courses

  • Provide technical support from Baidu
    Course catalog
    • 1 active call / callback mode (free)
    • 12:02
    • 2 management address book (Department / Member / label) (free)
    • 17:11
    • 3 manage multimedia (upload / download media interface) (free)
    • 15:48
    • 4 receive messages and events (attention / receive common messages) (free)
    • 18:35
    • 5 receiving messages and events (receiving event / passive response)
    • 18:10
    • 6 send a message (interface / message type)
    • 10:40
    • 7 custom menu (create / delete / get)
    • 16:22
    • 8 OAuth2.0 (access to personal information Code/Code)
    • 9:17
    • 9 micro channel enterprise two interface detailed verification
    • 8:06
    • 10 micro channel development - Interface collection development in general light applications
    • 17:09
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    • [course type]Technical course [difficulty level]senior [suitable for the crowd]All
    • [course introduction]
      Take you into the current relatively popular micro channel development platform for enterprise development, enjoy the development of existing Internet resources
    • [course objectives]
      Let more friends to understand the micro channel enterprise platform, and enterprise platform interface development
    • [Course Project]
      From configuration to the interface to write with the development of the attention, the development process, from easy to difficult Explain one by one
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    Jiang Shuping
    OnecurriculumEight thousand eight hundred and tenstudent
    Software development engineer, to engage in the development of Android car machine, intelligent voice, voice activated car, application development, micro channel public platform, micro enterprise development platform, like visiting the blog technology in CSDN, likes to share and learn new knowledge, Bo public house director, MI deficiencies

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