Lecturer: Meng Meng Mou (wooden)

Eighty-threeClass hourHas been updated to 1)02branch

Rate of praise100%$260

Course Description: This course focuses on source code debug mode to explain the JFinal core architecture and operating principle, the hand handle from zero start with you a ZhengZhan development. Through the study of this course can be in-depth understanding of the core process of web development, in-depth understanding of JFinal core architecture design principle, skilled in the use of JFinal development project, the enterprise actual combat skills to master

Lecturer: Li Ze

FiveClass hourHas been updated to 2)Thirty-threebranch

Rate of praise100%free of charge

Course introduction: 1, download and install MonoDevelop 2, c# compilation process 3, binary 4, variables and data types 5, the basic data types

Lecturer: Chen Songxin

One hundred and fifty-oneClass hourHas been updated to 5)04hourFourteenbranch

Rate of praise100%$499

Course introduction: UI designer is engaged in the software of human computer interaction, the operation of the logic, the overall design of the interface design staff. 1) the set of courses for the creek poly network combined with adobe Creative University official exclusive course, for the first time in the form of online special professional courses Qingnangerchu. 2) by a number of industry professional carefully to create the most high-end courses on the market today, the unique and effective teaching methods, provide to the students the most short path, allow the students to achieve fast and the level of UI designer, fast direct access to the famous enterprises high paying jobs.

Lecturer: Li Shan

Twenty-fiveClass hourHas been updated to 11)04hour06branch

Rate of praise100%$30

Course Description: This course describes in detail some of the basic concepts of the C language, including: development environment, the program editor, compiler, the compiler, variables, marked character, key words and data types, basic process control, for later learning play basis.

Lecturer: Zou Jichao

Twenty-nineClass hourHas been updated to 0)

Rate of praise100%$260

Introduction to the course: to written from scratch a Struts2 framework similar to the way to think and architecture, hand in hand with you from the beginning of the analysis to the structure design to realize the whole process, complete the core content of the Struts2 framework, thus a better understanding of the Struts2 framework design concept and enhance its own framework writing ability. Content including the preparation of the framework necessary knowledge to explain in detail and Struts2 source code analysis, etc.. Through this course, we can master the skills of the development of the framework and the design of the web framework.

Lecturer: Li Fazhan

NinetyClass hourHas been updated to 90)06hourThirty-fivebranch

Rate of praise100%$36

Course Description: this video tutorial has 90 day course, consists of data processing and common plug-ins, credit card number recognition, test automation, network access, multi thread, sharesdk social sharing, core image, CoreText, face detection, storyboard, advanced techniques, swift called OC code, key frame animation, inform the local, gyroscope camera positioning equipment, localization, through the IAP in purchase profit, APP upload and audit, etc. to achieve ultra dry!

Lecturer: Chuan Chi

SixClass hourHas been updated to 6)Forty-fivebranch

Rate of praise100%free of charge

Course Description: this video is Chuan Zhi Duan Yu teacher carefully recorded free cocos2d-x introductory courses, the video for recording any game development experience of students, teaching style is concise and easy to understand. Through the video learning, I believe we can open the computer, to write their own simple game. If you have mastered the video content, you re enroll in the game class, then your learning effect will be very good.

Lecturer: Chuan Chi

TwelveClass hourHas been updated to 12)03hourThirty-onebranch

Rate of praise100%free of charge

Course Description: This is a basic course on the unity, by the biography of the great desert teacher with the church recording. This set of courses from the C# language, introduced a lot of language characteristics, these characteristics in the development of unity and plug in use will appear. Next is about unity operation, including: model, physics engine, particle system, rendering, script's life cycle, shaders, optimization of knowledge points. Through the study of these content, can independently complete some simple game development, and for the next higher stage of learning to help.

Lecturer: Chuan Chi

Twenty-oneClass hourHas been updated to 21)04hour02branch

Rate of praise100%free of charge

Course introduction: This set of video is the front end and mobile development institute carefully recorded 3 days Javascript basic video tutorial. Focus on the definition and use of variables, data types and mutual conversion, operators, process control statements, the three elements of the operator, the array of objects and functions and other basic skills.

Lecturer: Yang Shihang

Twenty-fiveClass hourHas been updated to 25)05hourTwenty-eightbranch

Rate of praise100%$69

The so-called formula is that people in the study of the nature of things and objects found between some of the links, and through a certain way to express a way of expression. And here we say that the Excel formula generally refers to the formula, including the use of four commonly used operations and functions. Through these operations, we can get the result from the common data to meet the analysis requirement. To further refine the specific implementation of the program. Yang teacher through the Excel formula of actual combat video courses [you will learn] the course teaches you how to use the Excel formula to process data.

Lecturer: Yang Shihang

TwentyClass hourHas been updated to 20)03hourForty-fivebranch

Rate of praise100%$59

Data perspective table is an important part of Excel, is the Excel cross data reports, Excel analysis of data tools. It is called a pivot table because it can dynamically change the layout so that the data can be analyzed in different ways. So it synthesizes the sort. Screening. Characteristics of classification. Yang teacher through the excel PivotTable combat video course [you learn will be "courses from basic entry, the application of common, the three aspects of the case for other hands, explanation of pivot table, create, use, case, profoundly teach you use Excel data perspective table

Lecturer: Shen Han

NineClass hourHas been updated to 8)03hourFortybranch

Rate of praise100%$26

Course Description: This course explains the basic knowledge of Linux driver development, program structure, character device programming, miscellaneous equipment programming, specific hardware module driver development.

Lecturer: Chuan Chi

Twenty-oneClass hourHas been updated to 21)04hourTwenty-fourbranch

Rate of praise100%free of charge

Course introduction: This set of JavaWeb video for a very comprehensive tutorial, suitable for JavaWeb enthusiasts to learn. Step by step, in the course, involves all the knowledge points. Learn this tutorial, you can fully grasp the essence of the development of JavaWeb.

Lecturer: Wu Chao

OneClass hourHas been updated to 1)Tenbranch

Rate of praise100%free of charge

Course introduction: local Spark model to explain

Lecturer: Shen Han

SevenClass hourHas been updated to 7)02hour02branch

Rate of praise100%$14

Course Description: This course mainly explain the arm assembly language in hardware application programming and related hardware principle diagram analysis, led, buzzer, a key, a light sensing device of bare metal development.

Lecturer: Shen Han

FiveClass hourHas been updated to 5)02hourTwelvebranch

Rate of praise100%$10

Course Description: This course introduces the embedded Linux system transplant related, bootloader, kernel analysis and configuration, file system knowledge.

Lecturer: Shen Han

FourteenClass hourHas been updated to 4)02hourTwenty-onebranch

Rate of praise100%$19

Course Description: This course is mainly to explain the ARM processor arm directive, thumb directive, ADS pseudo instruction, assembly program design.

Lecturer: Shen Han

FourClass hourHas been updated to 0)

Rate of praise100%$5

Course introduction: the main content of this course is to introduce the development history of the ARM processor architecture, working mode, the basic knowledge of memory organization.

Lecturer: CSDN open class

TwoClass hourHas been updated to 2)01hourTwenty-eightbranch

Rate of praise100%free of charge

Course introduction: the rapid development of the Internet, the birth of a large amount of data generated. How to excavate the deep value of the data becomes especially important. However, data mining complex mathematical content so that a lot of people. This topic tries to use an example of the form, with the popular way, for the classification of gender prediction problems, to talk about the basic data mining process, the common algorithm and algorithm selection, etc.. Lecturer: Wang Qi, senior data mining engineer, Wuhan University master, work related to the friends of the union of various types of data mining and analysis tasks. For data mining and analysis, natural language processing and text retrieval have many years of theoretical and practical experience.

Lecturer: Li Ze

NineClass hourHas been updated to 0)

Rate of praise100%free of charge

Course introduction: HTML and CSS profile HTML5 profile HTML entry learning CSS entry learning
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