Lecturer: Wei Wei

FiftyClass hourHas been updated to 21)ElevenhourFifty-sevenbranch

Rate of praise100% $89

Introductory course: the PHP - zero basic to proficient in madness combat tutorial "is exclusively by Wei Wei (Wei Suen teacher introduced a system of PHP training video courses, the curriculum system, practical, easy to understand style trainees, let the students can grasp knowledge of PHP development, become qualified PHP developer, and thus become a PHP industry professionals. [course objectives] Finished the quarter courses can let the students find the PHP related work, and has a certain project experience, can independently developed some common such as news sites, forums, blog sites, and so on Web project.

Lecturer: Wu Shuicheng

SixClass hourHas been updated to 6)04hourNineteenbranch

Rate of praise100% $99

Course Description: This course uses HAProxy and MyCat combined with MySQL master copy function to achieve high availability of MySQL database to read and write separate cluster. Course content includes MySQL environment of the Linux database installation, MySQL master slave configuration, based on the MyCat read and write separation configuration, HAProxy+Keepalived to achieve MyCat high availability load balancing cluster.

Lecturer: Xu Peng

Thirty-threeClass hourHas been updated to 33)05hour07branch

Rate of praise100% $130

Introduction to the course: seize the pain points of candidates, in accordance with the principle of short, quick, focused, courseware is directly given in the knowledge questions in the form of, let you in a short period of time to seize the test points, smoothly through the afternoon network engineer case analysis test. Master study including: switch configuration, and router configuration, VPN configuration, firewall configuration, VLAN configuration, NAT, ACL configuration, the park network design, network planning and design, www configuration, DNS configuration, IIS configuration, email server set up, set up a DHCP server, FTP server set up, dynamic routing configuration, mobile network configuration.

Lecturer: Xu Peng

Forty-sevenClass hourHas been updated to 47)09hourFifty-ninebranch

Rate of praise100% $200

Introduction to the course: seize the pain points of candidates, in accordance with the principle of short, quick, focused, courseware is directly given in the knowledge questions in the form of, let you in a short period of time to seize the test points, to pass the exam. Master the basic knowledge of computer organization and architecture, operating system, system development and basic knowledge of operation, standardization and intellectual property rights, data communications infrastructure, the wide area communication network, local and metropolitan area networks, wireless communication network, network interconnection and Internet, next generation Internet, network security, network operating system and Application server configuration, switches and routers, network management, network system analysis and design content.

Lecturer: Xu Peng

EightClass hourHas been updated to 8)Twenty-ninebranch

Rate of praise100% $2.50

Course Description: introduces the network engineer examination test questions form, focusing on. Focus on the majority of candidates to review the pro forma strategy to help candidates in the short term to clear the focus of each phase of the pro forma. The original three step strategy to help the majority of candidates in the short term smoothly through the network engineer examination software.

Lecturer: Li Guoqing

ThreeClass hourHas been updated to 3)Thirty-twobranch

Rate of praise100% $2

Course introduction: 1, ListView introduction; 2, explain the principle; 3, simple implementation; 4, ListView extension;

Lecturer: Song Xiaobo

TwelveClass hourHas been updated to 12)03hourForty-twobranch

Rate of praise100% $79

State machine is essential to the development of a game technology, whether it is the realization of AI or the realization of the interface logic, the use of state machines can greatly simplify the logic of our code. This set of course let start from the simple state machine, progressive approach to using the object-oriented implementation of a generic state machine, and is equipped with project example.

Lecturer: Wei Yuyang (Lccee)

Fifty-oneClass hourHas been updated to 51)07hourThirty-sevenbranch

Rate of praise100% $36

Introduction to the course: in fact, there are still many designers will only some basic Photoshop skills, sometimes off the net can not find material on the Internet, or find the material also is not necessarily you need, just learn this course, usually see those high atmospheric background material effect you could easily manufactured, the effects of background material the course basically all involved, actually making way are the same, if you really learned in the course of skills, you can produce a variety of background material and some cool PS effects.

Lecturer: Wei Yuyang (Lccee)

EighteenClass hourHas been updated to 18)01hourForty-sevenbranch

Rate of praise100% $18

Introductory course: design the polygon effect, if purely PS to achieve, is the one thing that let people egg pain, then the use of the polygon effects generator, with loaded to force you, fly with you, greatly saves you about the time for love, also in waiting for God, moving fast, open your computer, immediately opened the black. Design, although it is a need more hands-on work, but it can save time, must be saved.

Lecturer: Wang Guilin

Eighty-oneClass hourHas been updated to 80)Thirty-ninehourThirty-onebranch

Rate of praise100% $9.60

This is a comprehensive and systematic study of C++: 1, C++ on the C to improve the overall (type of enhancement, function overloading, the default argument, reference, new/delete Inline functions, type strong transfer, namespace, system string class. 2, package, class and object, friend, operator overloading. 3, inheritance and derivation, polymorphism, UML, design pattern. 5, document IO flow, template, STL, abnormal mechanism.

Lecturer: Wang Litao

Forty-nineClass hourHas been updated to 49)ElevenhourTwenty-onebranch

Rate of praise100% $80

Course introduction: Git as a practical type of a relatively strong technology, light reading learning effect is generally not the best. This tutorial through the analysis on internal mechanism of simple and practical operation, animation, scene simulation teaching method, let you quickly upgrade the GIT skills, know knowwhy, greatly shorten the GIT your learning curve, save your time and cost! This tutorial applies to the developer, if you are an enterprise Git maintenance personnel, you can also learn the tutorial, and then continue to learn Gitsis, Gitolite, Gerrit, etc..

Lecturer: Wang Liang

FiveClass hourHas been updated to 5)01hour07branch

Rate of praise100% $9

Introduction to the course: the video for some development experience of the IOS developer, video mainly through the actual line items, to explain the Bluetooth search, connection, mobile phones to send data, mobile phone to receive data, and handle the returned data. Besides, this is the actual project, including all the key technical points will be referred to, and some custom controls, such as a progress bar, custom drag controls and so on

Lecturer: Xu Peng

EighteenClass hourHas been updated to 18)04hourThirty-ninebranch

Rate of praise100% $150

Course Description: Based on the Sharepoint to achieve the light of enterprise users, and to achieve the process driven by the user to achieve the automation of Workflow

Lecturer: Xu Peng

NineteenClass hourHas been updated to 9)01hourTenbranch

Rate of praise100% $50

Course Description: 100 active directory problem

Lecturer: Xu Peng

ThreeClass hourHas been updated to 4)01hourForty-sevenbranch

Rate of praise100% $25

Course introduction: Exchange 2010 high available part of the lecture

Lecturer: Xu Peng

Thirty-nineClass hourHas been updated to 39)05hourForty-threebranch

Rate of praise100% $50

Introduction: Exchange 2010 management questions

Lecturer: Xu Peng

ThirteenClass hourHas been updated to 13)02hour01branch

Rate of praise100% $15

Course introduction: PS Exchange commonly used commands

Lecturer: real Yanliang

NineteenClass hourHas been updated to 10)02hour04branch

Rate of praise100% $24

Course introduction: UnrealEngine has always been a first-class effect and difficult to get started, this course is to help you get over the entry of this threshold, can quickly get started with the international first-class 3D engine.

Lecturer: Tong Wang

Twenty-threeClass hourHas been updated to 23)05hourFifty-threebranch

Rate of praise100% $80

Course introduction: quick to master C/C++ unit testing technology. Curriculum abandoned broad and cannot fall to the ground of the theory, face the unit test problem in enterprise project, a simple to teaching problems, ideas and methods of the C / C + + unit test. On the basis of this course, students only need to go through some practice, you can in the actual development of the application of unit testing, TDD, ETDD.

Lecturer: Wu Wenjie

SixtyClass hourHas been updated to 60)07hourThirty-threebranch

Rate of praise100% $30

Course Description: This course from CSDN expert bloggers, it trivial to pour love granted, this course for beginners Android introductory course in practical, detailed introduces the Android based, from the development environment build to request based controls, Android Application of four components, data storage, AndroidUI, network, data analysis, third-party SDK integrated, app framework build and so on, the author will provide practical examples let just contact the Android's children's shoes started quickly, for advanced study courses to lay a good foundation.
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