Lecturer: Li Ning

Thirty-twoClass hourHas been updated to 32)05hour01branch

Rate of praise100%$120

Course introduction: This course mainly explains how to make Swift, Objective-C, C++ and Java interact in 3.x Cocos2d-x to facilitate the use of historical legacy code.


FiveClass hourHas been updated to 0)

Rate of praise100%$5

Course introduction: Test

Lecturer: Bian An

Thirty-twoClass hourHas been updated to 32)01hourForty-eightbranch

Rate of praise100%$888

Course introduction: Shader development from entry to the master

Lecturer: Chuan Chi

ElevenClass hourHas been updated to 11)02hourForty-threebranch

Rate of praise100%free of charge

Course Description: about the cocos2d-x rendering techniques, including mixing, cutting, etc., but also to the new skills for their own get.

Lecturer: Cao Shibo

Eighty-eightClass hourHas been updated to 50)FifteenhourForty-sevenbranch

Rate of praise100%$88

Course introduction: huoyun development classroom cocos2d-x curriculum attention to cocos2d-x from basic to combat system development course, the course of study to let the students grasp cocos2d-x, the basis for the development and the actual combat skills and grow as a cocos2d-x Daniel!

Lecturer: Bian An

Twenty-fiveClass hourHas been updated to 25)06hourNineteenbranch

Rate of praise100%$999

Introduction to the course: created by the CSDN well-known expert blog huoyun Haier huoyun, develop the class officially began teaching the latest cocos2d-x V3.7 version of the 3D engine function module.

Lecturer: Wang Lei

Thirty-oneClass hourHas been updated to 6)02hour04branch

Rate of praise100%$188

Course introduction: combined with an instance of the game to explain the latest version of the cocos2d-x 3.6 edition of the engine's basic knowledge and practical usage.

Lecturer: Zhang Litong

TwentyClass hourHas been updated to 20)06hourThirty-eightbranch

Rate of praise100%$100

Course introduction: from the zero based on the introduction, design and implementation of a highly efficient cross platform GUI system, the use of ES2.0 Api standard OpenGL rendering rendering. The message processing of UI system is introduced, and a set of efficient and simple message processing mechanism is realized. Common controls, such as buttons, map button, Image, Label, Frame, Slider, ScrollView, Button, Radio, CheckBox, Chinese characters, etc..

Lecturer: Jiang Xuewei

ThreeClass hourHas been updated to 3)Thirty-fivebranch

Rate of praise100%$50

Introduction: the main achievement of the afterimage effects in the 3D game, very suitable for game development.

Lecturer: Jiang Xuewei

TwoClass hourHas been updated to 2)Forty-fourbranch

Rate of praise100%free of charge

Course Description: the course is based on the overall framework of the sea battle game design and encoding to explain

Lecturer: Jiang Xuewei

TwoClass hourHas been updated to 2)Twenty-sevenbranch

Rate of praise100%free of charge

Course introduction: This course is mainly from the 2D action game overall framework for the design and explanation, the use of Spine tools for the production of skeletal animation files, very conducive to learning.

Lecturer: Jiang Xuewei

Fifty-sixClass hourHas been updated to 56)FifteenhourFifteenbranch

Rate of praise100%$499

Course introduction: This course is based on the Spine skeletal animation to achieve the action of hand travel, hand travel features include text file encryption, skills systems, combat systems, buff systems, etc., is a fully functional game.

Lecturer: Jiang Xuewei

FourClass hourHas been updated to 4)01hour02branch

Rate of praise100%$30

Course introduction: mainly for the mobile terminal for the development of hand travel for the role of real-time shadow rendering, as well as transparent materials to solve the role of shadow rendering and shadow overlap.

Lecturer: Li Shan

TwentyClass hourHas been updated to 20)05hourFifty-onebranch

Rate of praise100%$69

Course introduction: curriculum background: The use of O-C language can be developed quickly SpriteKit game engine is a dedicated 2D iOS game engine FAKE game development of the most heart to play the game (STICK HERO) Core content: SpriteKit game project creation SpriteKit in the scene design tools, physics engine Course level: intermediate courses Adaptive population: 1 familiar with O-C language developers 2 experienced iOS developers

Lecturer: Jiang Xuewei

FifteenClass hourHas been updated to 15)03hourTwentybranch

Rate of praise100%$88

Course introduction: This course is mainly to explain the mathematical knowledge of Unity in 3D is how to use? From the coordinate system to the vector, the matrix, as well as two fork tree, behavior tree AI algorithm and other knowledge to explain. Combining the knowledge of mathematical theory with the actual development of 3D.

Lecturer: He Tao

Twenty-eightClass hourHas been updated to 28)05hourEighteenbranch

Rate of praise100%free of charge

Course introduction: Cocos2d-Lua is an open source framework for mobile games, can easily run on IOS, Android, blackberry, etc. in the operating system, making the development of low cost, high efficiency, a production sharing, multi terminal platform. This course teaches some basic knowledge of Lua game development, through the basic operation to allow you to quickly understand and master the Lua development skills.

Lecturer: Jiang Xuewei

ThreeClass hourHas been updated to 3)Forty-sevenbranch

Rate of praise: 96%free of charge

Introduction: Avatar replacement system by becoming the paper doll system is mainly used for game player role change. This class from theory to technology to explain one by one, but also on the requirements of art production specification.

Lecturer: He Tao

FifteenClass hourHas been updated to 15)03hourForty-fivebranch

Rate of praise: 98%free of charge

Course introduction: HTML 5 video tutorial series JavaScript development of basic knowledge to explain and learn.

Lecturer: Li Ning

Twenty-sixClass hourHas been updated to 26)03hourForty-threebranch

Rate of praise100%$120

Course introduction: SpriteKit is the new Apple 2D game engine, similar to the Cocos2d-x. Can use Objective-C and Swift language development. Can develop iOS and OS Mac X under the 2D game. This course mainly introduces the common technology of SpriteKit, including basic knowledge, action, particle system, physics engine, etc..

Lecturer: He Tao

Thirty-threeClass hourHas been updated to 33)06hourThirty-eightbranch

Rate of praise100%$200

Course introduction: to continue the first practical project to learn, to complete the game "ballistic elite" late development, special effects, sound control and so on to packaging line.
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