Lecturer: Zhang Siyu

FourClass hourHas been updated to 4)01hourFortybranch

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Course Description: introduces the soft sail statements finereport 8.0 mobile terminal integration, including soft sail statements finereport 8.0 and micro channel integration, mobile browser report making and show, soft sail statements Ann OEM custom Android client app and Android CLIENT SDK integrated. Provide practical software development tutorials for users and developers of FineReport 8 mobile end users and developers.

Lecturer: Huang Junxian

OneClass hourHas been updated to 1)09branch

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Course introduction: through the BeeCloud provided by SDK and API, you can quickly complete the payment function of WEB or APP development, rapid integration of domestic and international mainstream payment channel.

Lecturer: Peng Zuyuan

EightClass hourHas been updated to 3)Forty-sixbranch

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Course introduction: curriculum based on Webrtc realize multi platform, real-time voice communications solutions, including audio processing flow, the function of each module, external interface, real-time voice demo example, how to expand more than voice communication function etc..

Lecturer: Hao Fei

FiveClass hourHas been updated to 5)01hourTwelvebranch

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IM (instant messaging) system is a large-scale real-time system, its technical requirements are very high. In the social APP today, a lot of APP to increase the IM system for your application, but the right way. This course cobwebs, build a set of the most simple IM system, let developers know how to achieve this kind of system, and then continuously of the expansion of the system, and details to support the level of tens of millions of users, the system architecture to after what aspects of evolution and at each stage needs with what factors to consider, which relate to the development of large scale network, protocol analysis, database optimization is formulated, load balance, monitoring, testing and other aspects of knowledge. Believe that through this course, the developer of the IM system will have a comprehensive understanding of.

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