Lecturer: CSDN open class

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Rate of praise100%free of charge

Introduction: Speaker: An Xiaohui, technical director of Shaanxi Xianglong network science and technology limited company research and development director. The successful experience in the field of network set-top box, intelligent set-top box, the application server, mobile app,, author of the QT on Android core programming "and the QT quick core programming". In CSDN released a video course, "Qt foundation and on Android Qt entry" and so on.

Lecturer: An Xiaohui

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Rate of praise100%free of charge

Course introduction: Quick Qt (QML) is the Qt 5 recommended UI development framework, can quickly build a smooth and gorgeous user interface for a variety of devices. This course shanfanjiujian, carefully choose the theme, by just a few lessons, you can let everyone across the QT quick entry, and lay a solid foundation for further study.

Lecturer: An Xiaohui

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Course introduction: the design of a practical HTTP server, based on the implementation of Qt network framework. First detailed introduction of the Qt network, IO, thread, and custom events, configuration files and other detailed usage of the class library, and then combined with the actual HTTP server to explain in detail the design and implementation of the server.

Lecturer: An Xiaohui

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Course introduction: Quick Qt is the new Qt interface development technology (see "Quick Qt core programming"), can quickly build a smooth and beautiful user interface for mobile devices. Quick Qt based on QML, QML engine to achieve the ECMAScript syntax, support for the standard ECMAScript programming. This course is devoted to explain the JavaScript in QML.

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