Lecturer: Zhou Xuming

NineClass hourHas been updated to 9)02hour

Rate of praise100%Free of charge

Course introduction: native Android development combat tutorial to teach how to realize the fast in the app message send text, voice, picture, VoIP, and custom, such as red, etc., and how to add / delete friends, set / change avatar, create a group, group discussions, chat room based im functionality.

Lecturer: CSDN open class

ThreeClass hourHas been updated to 3)01hourFifty-threebranch

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Introduction to the course: Speakers: Chen Yong, Institute (Wuxi Yingteao union Technology Co., Ltd.) CTO/CIO/ vice president of Technology / chief engineer.

Lecturer: CSDN open class

FourClass hourHas been updated to 4)02hour07branch

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Course introduction: introduce the guests: Zhang Chuanbo. Innovation workshop entrepreneurship courses (agility course) lecturer. Software development management best practice Senior Consultant (former for a team of senior research consultant. Agile China Alliance "ADBOK" (agile development knowledge system) project team members to twenty years of software development, software design, requirement analysis, project management, department management, company management and process improvement experience, witnessed numerous projects, covered architecture, communications, Internet, electricity, finance, manufacturing industry, government and other fields, familiar with the whole process of software life cycle

Lecturer: Zhang Chuanbo

SixteenClass hourHas been updated to 16)03hourTwenty-threebranch

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Introduction: what is a lot of martial art of agile, agile? Agility is too ideal, can not be landed in China? How to make agile real effective? Developers are too "Mensao", not agile, do? This course will be for you to disassemble one by one!

Lecturer: Zhang Chuanbo

SevenClass hourHas been updated to 7)01hourThirteenbranch

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Extreme programming, English: Programming Extreme, referred to as: XP programming, this is a lightweight, fast, emphasis on adaptation to change, suitable for small and medium projects, the project management method. This course is for you to share the extreme programming of more than 10 best practices.

Lecturer: Zhang Chuanbo

TenClass hourHas been updated to 10)01hourThirty-sevenbranch

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Course introduction: scrum is an agile development method of the most fire, user stories, sprint, burndown charts many cool gameplay, cattle B products for people, the scrum master, super self-organizing teams. This course will show you the most fire and the most cool agile development method!

Lecturer: Chen Yong

EightClass hourHas been updated to 8)02hour01branch

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Course Description: This course instructor is the author of CSDN download totals over 10000 people in the "Mars people Agile Development Handbook, will be taught by ppt + video to explain the Handbook for personal study, agile development preview of on-site training, enterprise promote agile development scene. In addition to the original content of the manual, but also will include some of the official training in the corresponding content, so as to understand the depth of the Scrum agile development of the whole process.

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