Lecturer: Chao Hai Jiang

NineClass hourHas been updated to 9)Fifty-sixbranch

Rate of praise100%$9

Course introduction: more courses, please Baidu search "Hai Jiang chao". Strategy has a lot of, in front of the CCNP video, has done routing mapping table route-map and policy based routing, PBR subject experiment, although these strategies is very tall, however, does not seem to what strategy, using the ratio of ACL is more extensive, this is no CCNA video and CCNP video inevitable includes the knowledge points. This video course, my intention is free, but because free courses can not be into the package, so you can only set the lowest price 5 yuan, I hope you understand.

Lecturer: Shi Chengliang

Two hundred and fiftyClass hourHas been updated to 2)Thirteenbranch

Rate of praise100%$1500

Course Description: in this course, we will be exposed to the windows under the hacker software. Witness the strong in linux! The purpose of learning is to ask you to let us know that engineers are more difficult than you think. Learn more easily than you think.

Lecturer: Li Chenguang

TwentyClass hourHas been updated to 8)Fiftybranch

Rate of praise100%free of charge

Course Description: This course is mainly for the analysis of UNIX / Linux operation and maintenance personnel and information security personnel introduced based on open source technology in the enterprise information security management platform to build and use, through a number of cases, in the real environment for everyone to explain OSSIM system installation, initialization device and application, can be completely resolved, the currently installed on Linux monitoring, security platform is difficult, difficult to maintain, decentralized management dilemma.

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