Lecturer: Sun Qi

SevenClass hourHas been updated to 7)01hourFifty-sevenbranch

Rate of praise100%free of charge

Introduction to the course: the main purpose of this course is to help, want to become a developer of openstack but don't know where to start the classmates and quickly master the use of devstack openstack is built, and corresponding debugging methods, IDE introduced such as.

Lecturer: Hou Yongjiao

Sixty-nineClass hourHas been updated to 69)ElevenhourForty-ninebranch

Rate of praise100%$260

Course Description: this video is zero based development and deployment of video, for no contact with openstack, on openstack is simple to understand, but for openstack components don't have a clear understanding; on openstack deployment, but deployment always encounter various problems.

Lecturer: Li Mingyu

Twenty-sevenClass hourHas been updated to 27)09hourTenbranch

Rate of praise100%$99

Course Description: This course is based on the basic computer theory, ready to enter the field of cloud computing / big data, want to understand virtualization, cloud computing and software defined infrastructure and other cutting-edge technology learners. Understanding and grasp of cloud computing technology based concept with openstack introduction, analytical framework, installation and deployment using openstack components, through the openstack compute, network storage and the use of demonstration, the openstack is a basic knowledge and understanding.

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