Lecturer: Gao Huantang

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Course introduction: with the popularity of Docker container technology in recent years,<集装箱式>Architecture design to say red through the half the sky, and formidable, Wei trend, is a strong change in terminal and cloud platform overall design concept and method. This course of personal learning path for the spindle, elaborate container architecture design ideas, models, techniques and practice points.

Lecturer: Gao Huantang

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Introduction to the course: with docker container technology in recent years the popularity of, the container type architecture design, it can be said that the red through half the sky, and formidable, Wei trend, is a strong change in terminal and cloud platform overall design concept and method. This with half a century ago, sea shipping container agitation, the revolutionary change on the industry as a whole, the source of strength and economic benefit, it can be said with similar to the Miao. In this paper, the concept, mode, technology and practice of Docker container are expounded.

Lecturer: CSDN open class

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Course Description: Lecturer: Du hang, Websense cloud infrastructure group development manager, focused on Openstack and Docker, Ling Yun senior user cloud. Course introduction: Docker in December 2014 released three models to solve the problem of multi container distributed software portability deployment.

Lecturer: money interest

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Course introduction: Docker technology has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the IT community, the great concern of this course to the Docker foundation as a starting point for everyone to share Docker related knowledge.

Lecturer: Dai Wang Jian

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Course: in the era of cloud computing, developers will apply the transfer to the cloud has solved the problem of hardware management, but the software configuration and management related issues still exist. The appearance of Docker just can help software developers to broaden their thinking and try new software management methods to solve this problem. By mastering the Docker, developers can enjoy the advanced automation concepts and tools, without operation and maintenance personnel involved can be successfully run in a variety of operating environment. Introduction to the Docker technology into the actual combat is divided into three parts: Docker entry, combat Dockerfile and advanced topics. First part introduces docker and virtualization technology. The basic concepts, including installation, mirror, containers, warehouses, data management and so on; the second part by introducing cases docker application methods, including with various operating system platforms, SSH service image, web server and application, database application, all kinds of programming language interface, the private warehouse; the third part is some advanced topics, such as docker core technology, safety, advanced network configuration and related projects.

Lecturer: Xu Li

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Course introduction:

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