Lecturer: CSDN open class

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Course introduction: speaker: Qian Guangrui (IBM researcher / Technical Specialist / Professor) Su Zaiqing (IBM development team leader / Senior Engineer / technical expert) Subject matter of course Open source big data technology architecture design

Lecturer: CSDN open class

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Course introduction: introduce the guests: et al. Department of Dermatology, Amazon AWS chief cloud computing technology consultants, with over 20 years in the IT industry and the field of software development experience. Prior to this he has worked in Microsoft, Apple and other well-known enterprises, serving the architect, technical adviser and other duties, involved in the design, development and project management of several large software projects. Currently focused on cloud computing and the Internet and other technical areas, is committed to helping China's developers to build a new generation of Internet applications based on cloud computing.

Lecturer: CSDN open class

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Course Description: Lecturer: Tian Hao H3C Cloud Computing Development Manager, 2011 to join the H3C is now in charge of national government industry cloud computing projects and solutions development work, has participated in the state information center, a private cloud, national seismic network private cloud, the General Administration of Customs cloud infrastructure, National Archives distribution virtualization and storage project;

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