Lecturer: CSDN open class

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Course introduction: the rapid development of the Internet, the birth of a large amount of data generated. How to excavate the deep value of the data becomes especially important. However, data mining complex mathematical content so that a lot of people. This topic tries to use an example of the form, with the popular way, for the classification of gender prediction problems, to talk about the basic data mining process, the common algorithm and algorithm selection, etc.. Lecturer: Wang Qi, senior data mining engineer, Wuhan University master, work related to the friends of the union of various types of data mining and analysis tasks. For data mining and analysis, natural language processing and text retrieval have many years of theoretical and practical experience.

Lecturer: Zhang Siyu

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Course introduction: [FineBI retail industry data analysis of actual video course [dry share]] is big data analysis application practice course of tool FineBI, through sorting, then through the FineBI data analysis tools to sort out, data preparation on the part of the business of the retail industry, build a multidimensional database, then according to business needs to analyze the data, and ultimately to diversity, rich in the form of display data. Product download: http://www.finebi.com/resources/pc-download/

Lecturer: CSDN

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Course introduction: Data Technology Conference Big, China's big data technology conference (BDTC) is the most influential and largest technology event in the field of big data. The predecessor of the conference is Hadoop China Cloud Computing Conference (in China Hadoop, HiC). From 2007 only 60 people participated in the salon to present thousands technologies feast, as a very practical value of professional communication platform, has been successfully held the 8th China's big data technology conference witnessed the establishment, development and evolution of large data ecosystem in China.

Lecturer: Gao Huantang

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Introduction to the course: the era of big data, T type, how to play the power of big data, a optimization decision quality, reduce the risk of decision-making? Gentleman does not see, stock market investment God Buffett in evaluating an investment, based on detailed data analysis, delete the high risk, practice he "do not hit battle did not grasp the" principles, dramatically reducing the long-term investment risk. This is the big data to test the model of long-term decision-making, to effectively capture the future opportunities to reduce the risk of.

Lecturer: CSDN open class

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Course introduction: guest speaker: Yang Huahui, Hulu Beijing big data platform R & D engineers, Voidbox major developers, currently focused on Docker and YARN related technologies. Dong Xicheng, Hulu senior R & D engineers, "Hadoop technology insider" series of books, is currently focused on Hadoop and Spark related technologies.

Lecturer: Zhuang Fu Ren

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Course introduction: the era of big data, real-time data collection, processing and analysis. AWS cloud platform based on the integrity of large data services In the face of big data problems, the most common challenge for companies and developers is how to collect and store massive data, and from these massive data analysis and mining useful business value. Big data and cloud computing is the "perfect couple", with elastic cloud computing, highly scalable storage, very suitable for doing a massive cluster of iterative computation and analysis.

Lecturer: Zhuang Fu Ren

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Course introduction: more and more developers in the development of mobile app faces many challenges, which how to safely and effectively as identity authentication, how to analyze the mobile app terminal customer data, how easy it is to push information to the user is more common, the training will to Amazon AWS's new mobile application services, for example, to resolve the mobile app developers how to use effective tools above mentioned three problems, and illustrated by a practical case:

Lecturer: Zhuang Fu Ren

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Course Description: in the fast changing mobile Internet era, can effectively grasp the data of a large number of users, and analysis, improve the customer experience, increase user stickiness, a value is an important issue of large data analysis. In the past we will make use of Hadoop for the batch of big data postprocessing analysis, now more and more needs to be more real-time data flow analysis.

Lecturer: Liu Manhao

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Course introduction: in today's computer system to deal with the data type become diverse, and in order to further understand the need to filter the data; at the same time, open source applications become more and more popular. All this changed R, which is used to statistic analysis and visualization of the language. With the development of the times, the R language is also in constant development, and become a part of many big data applications in the current. The era of big data, the R language has been gaining momentum, participants, let's go!

Lecturer: Shi Mandy

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Course Description: This course is mainly to explain the data cleaning in the field of big data, the course from the concept of data cleaning, data cleaning production deployment, data cleaning operations.

Lecturer: Xian Maoyuan

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Java is one of the most popular high-level programming languages in the world. This course introduces the basic concepts and methods of using the Java language. From the basic language foundation, to the use of documents, network and other specific scenarios, are covered. Java is one of the important implementation language of the current big data platform solutions, this course also serves as a leading course learning platform for large data. Each knowledge point is equipped with sample code to facilitate students to understand, while supplemented by after-school exercise, to consolidate the students on the basis of Java language mastery.

Lecturer: Zhao Xiuxiang

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Curriculum: large data sets of the environment of the association rules found growing attention, how to carry out data analysis and data mining in large data environment has become the primary problem to be faced by enterprises! This course will explain the challenges and application of association rules mining in large data environment.

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