Lecturer: Zhao Qiang

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Introduction to the course: applicable to the crowd: no basis, junior test engineer; want to step into the field of performance test; want the system to learn and improve; interest; tips, feel he is master, please make a detour. The characteristics of the course: the essentials of the history of the collection of content, practical, practical or practical! (including but not limited to) 1, SQL based on the script, the whole process to explain the actual SQL script 2, MySQL advanced knowledge (index, storage process, storage engine, etc.) 3, analysis of MySQL performance testing and optimization (based on the SQL statement, based on database, based on the architecture, etc.) 4, real case analysis QQ group 288567073

Lecturer: Li Zhenrong

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Introduction to the course: want to become a big front end engineer, understanding of database is very important, to master some basic database using skills, understand the storage structure of data in the system, in order to be able to stand in the perspective of back-end engineer up and back-end engineers exchanges and collaborative work. This article through the world's most popular open source database mysql with your understanding of the database. Want to learn more in front of course, please pay attention to the siege of class http://www.gongchengketang.com/

Lecturer: Huang Jundong

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Introduction to the course: pay attention to the practice and eliminate trival theory. Through the case to explain our common knowledge, all knowledge is relatively independent, don't worry cannot learn a certain knowledge point and delay to learn other knowledge points. Easy entry Mysql.

Lecturer: Ren long

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Course introduction: MySQL is the most popular relational database management system, WEB application in MySQL is the best RDBMS (Database Management System Relational: relational database management system) one of the application software.

Lecturer: Huang Shan

Thirty-sevenClass hourHas been updated to 37)SixteenhourForty-fivebranch

Rate of praise: 66%$50

Course Description: This is about the DBA MySQL courses, from the MySQL to the application of the history of the scene to the machine selection to the backup optimization to monitor and HA and so on.

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