Lecturer: Liu Yingjie

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Course introduction: explain the concept of PowerDesigner concept model to explain the concept of CDM to explain the physical model to explain the concept (CDM) (PDM) to explain the PDM to explain the conversion SQL

Lecturer: CSDN open class

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Course introduction: guest introduction: Zhang Bo, Amazon AWS senior technical lecturer, he is AWS China's first comprehensive formal certification training and access to customer training, one of the technical lecturer. He is responsible for the majority of Web Service Amazon customers and developers to provide professional training services. Training content covers the AWS cloud architecture design, system management and software development on the AWS and so on.

Lecturer: CSDN open class

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Course introduction: guest introduction: Wang Jingyu (flower name: Shen Xun), Alibaba senior technical experts. Currently responsible for Ali's distributed database DRDS (TDDL) and Ali distributed messaging service ONS (RocketMQ/Notify) two systems.

Lecturer: Fang Guowei

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Course introduction: in the application architecture design based on cloud computing, data storage mode and the traditional enterprise application design has been greatly changed. On the one hand, the demand of the user data storage has changed a lot with the evolution of the Internet and application services, on the other hand, with the development of technology, we now have more storage service options. After more than 8 years of rapid development, AWS cloud platform to provide users with a variety of different data storage services. Integrated use of a variety of AWS cloud storage services to help users build a highly available, flexible and scalable cloud computing applications.

Lecturer: Ren long

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Introduction to the course: JDBC (Java data base connectivity, Java database connection) is composed of a for executing SQL statements Java API can provide unified access for a variety of relational databases, it written by a group of Java classes and interfaces. JDBC provides a benchmark, which can build a more advanced tools and interfaces, so that the database developers to write database applications.

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