Lecturer: Zhang Cong

SixClass hourHas been updated to 3)01hour06branch

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Course introduction: the basic course of art painting, using the form of video presented! Let art painting more clear and natural!

Lecturer: Chuan Chi

SixClass hourHas been updated to 6)Forty-fivebranch

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Course Description: this video is Chuan Zhi Duan Yu teacher carefully recorded free cocos2d-x introductory courses, the video for recording any game development experience of students, teaching style is concise and easy to understand. Through the video learning, I believe we can open the computer, to write their own simple game. If you have mastered the video content, you re enroll in the game class, then your learning effect will be very good.

Lecturer: CSDN open class

FourClass hourHas been updated to 4)01hourForty-ninebranch

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Course introduction: Guest: Cao Shibo, 2010 in the software development industry, 2011 began to learn and use cocos2d-x game development, participate in China's first large-scale MMO games, "forget the immortal" development, in a number of projects as main program position, cocos2d-x game development of the process and project of the control has a wealth of experience.

Lecturer: CSDN open class

ThreeClass hourHas been updated to 3)02hour

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Lecture: Huang Jundong, mobile client engineer.

Lecturer: Ouyang Jian

Thirty-oneClass hourHas been updated to 27)04hourFifty-fourbranch

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Course introduction: this video full of fishing up to the project case describes how to use Cocos2d-X to develop such a game. The video using the mainstream of the development of C language, covering the cocos2d-x game startup process, pause to return to the game, the game scenarios are created, use the timer, CCLayer life cycle, ccnode introduction and the inheritance diagram, principle of CCAction, serial action CCSequence, standard touch events, scaling CCScale action.

Lecturer: He Tao

Twenty-eightClass hourHas been updated to 28)05hourForty-ninebranch

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Course introduction: the use of Cocos2d-Lua rapid development of mobile games and applications. This course introduces the use of Lua to develop all kinds of UI, events, animation, publishing and other important knowledge point, so that learners can quickly grasp the Lua development of mobile applications and mobile phone games skills.

Lecturer: Guan Dongsheng

Seventy-fourClass hourHas been updated to 74)FifteenhourThirtybranch

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Course introduction: This course introduces a practical mobile game, using the Cocos2d-x engine from the design to the development process. Understanding the most popular development methodology of the moment: agile development. In the development process, we will find that agile methods are very suitable for the use of mobile games based on Cocos2d-x engine technology development.

Lecturer: Guan Dongsheng

SixClass hourHas been updated to 6)01hourForty-onebranch

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Course introduction: introduced the Cocos2d-x wizard related knowledge and how to create a wizard object. In addition, the wizard also describes the performance of the optimization, performance optimization methods include: the use of the wizard table and the use of the sprite frame cache.

Lecturer: Guan Dongsheng

SeventeenClass hourHas been updated to 17)03hourThirty-onebranch

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Course introduction: introduced the Cocos2d-x text and menu related knowledge, we introduced the first choice of the Cocos2d-x string, which includes char* const, std:: string and cocos2d:: __String. In the text section we introduce the tag class: LabelTTF, LabelAtlas, and LabelBMFont, as well as the new tag class 3.x Label provides Cocos2d-x. In the menu, we learn the text menu, Sprite menu, menu and switch menu, etc..

Lecturer: Guan Dongsheng

TwelveClass hourHas been updated to 12)02hour05branch

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Course introduction: introduced the Cocos2d-x core concepts, these concepts include: the director, the scene, the layer, the wizard and the menu and other node objects. In addition, we also learn the focus is the Node and Node hierarchy. Then we also introduce the Cocos2d-x coordinate system and the Win32 platform to set the screen display.

Lecturer: Guan Dongsheng

FourClass hourHas been updated to 4)Fifty-fivebranch

Rate of praise100%free of charge

Course introduction: introduction to the mobile platform game engine, Cocos2d tree and Cocos2d-x design goals. Configure and use the development of Cocos2d-x gaming tools, including: the use of Studio Visual tools for the development of Cocos2d-x games, the use of Eclipse tools for the development of Cocos2d-x games and the use of Xcode tools to develop Cocos2d-x games.

Lecturer: Guan Dongsheng

Thirty-fiveClass hourHas been updated to 35)04hourThirty-fourbranch

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Course introduction: This set of Cocos2d-x video tutorial using the programming language for the C++ language, this tutorial for learning Cocos game development, and no language based students and the production of a C++ basic course.

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