Lecturer: Huang Bangqing

Twenty-threeClass hourHas been updated to 5)Fifty-fourbranch

Rate of praise100%free of charge

Course introduction: the primary course is divided into 22 hours, in the course, we will make some games. In the process of the realization of the function of the game to explain the game application to the C++ basic knowledge and API DirectX. Through the combination of practical knowledge will be more conducive to your understanding of the C++ DirectX API, you can also understand the game development process.

Lecturer: Division of the standard

TenClass hourHas been updated to 8)02hourThirty-twobranch

Rate of praise100%$300

Course introduction: 1 understanding and simple application of QT, to achieve can do some of their own small examples How 2.qt and OSG communicate messages, how to communicate 3 understand how the three dimensions are displayed in the

Lecturer: Zhang Ni

ThirteenClass hourHas been updated to 13)08hourFortybranch

Rate of praise100%$20

Course introduction: This course introduces the Window game framework used in the development of the game, the basic knowledge and operation of DirectDraw. Through the course of the tutorial, explain the basic skills of VC++ development, the course through the teaching of the course, to explain the application of VC++

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