Lecturer: Xie Qing

Twenty-sevenClass hourHas been updated to 27)FifteenhourForty-threebranch

Rate of praise100%$100

Course Description: This course has many years of web design experience teacher Xie Qing meticulously, curriculum start from the base, tells the story of tag in the page, page layout and framework, HTML style sheets, the page form, classic project real content. The course content is rich and comprehensive, and it is very suitable for the zero based learners.

Lecturer: Li Yanhui

Fifty-threeClass hourHas been updated to 53)EighteenhourTwelvebranch

Rate of praise100%free of charge

Course introduction: Adobe Dreamweaver, referred to as the "DW", Chinese name "dream weaver" is developed by the United States Macromedia company set Web page creation and management of the site in a body see WYSIWYG web editor, DW was first set for the development of special professional web designer visual web development tool, use it can easily produce cross platform limit and across browsers limit full of dynamic web pages.

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