Lecturer: Shen Han

NineClass hourHas been updated to 8)03hourFortybranch

Rate of praise100%$26

Course Description: This course explains the basic knowledge of Linux driver development, program structure, character device programming, miscellaneous equipment programming, specific hardware module driver development.

Lecturer: Shen Han

SevenClass hourHas been updated to 7)02hour02branch

Rate of praise100%$14

Course Description: This course mainly explain the arm assembly language in hardware application programming and related hardware principle diagram analysis, led, buzzer, a key, a light sensing device of bare metal development.

Lecturer: Shen Han

FiveClass hourHas been updated to 5)02hourTwelvebranch

Rate of praise100%$10

Course Description: This course introduces the embedded Linux system transplant related, bootloader, kernel analysis and configuration, file system knowledge.

Lecturer: Shen Han

FourteenClass hourHas been updated to 4)02hourTwenty-onebranch

Rate of praise100%$19

Course Description: This course is mainly to explain the ARM processor arm directive, thumb directive, ADS pseudo instruction, assembly program design.

Lecturer: Shen Han

FourClass hourHas been updated to 0)

Rate of praise100%$5

Course introduction: the main content of this course is to introduce the development history of the ARM processor architecture, working mode, the basic knowledge of memory organization.

Lecturer: Shen Han

SixClass hourHas been updated to 6)02hour04branch

Rate of praise100%$38

Course Description: 1 to understand embedded project development methodology process 2 to master the basic embedded project development capabilities 3 serial services project practice 4 embedded WEB server transplant 5 data acquisition and control system practice

Lecturer: Shen Han

FourClass hourHas been updated to 4)02hourTenbranch

Rate of praise100%free of charge

Course introduction: This course explains the basic knowledge of network programming, UDP and TCP network programming steps, based on the multi thread network chat program.

Lecturer: Shen Han

TenClass hourHas been updated to 10)05hourTwenty-sixbranch

Rate of praise100%$20

Course introduction: This course is mainly to explain the Linux environment process and thread overview, process creation, inter process communication programming, multi thread programming. Learning condition: 1.C programming basics 2.Linux programming basics

Lecturer: Shen Han

NineClass hourHas been updated to 9)04hourForty-fourbranch

Rate of praise100%$18

Course introduction: This course introduces the Linux environment shell programming, ordinary documents and equipment file programming method, serial introduction and application programming. Learning condition: 1.C language programming foundation 2 embedded Linux Development Foundation

Lecturer: Shen Han

ElevenClass hourHas been updated to 11)05hour02branch

Rate of praise100%$22

Course introduction: embedded Linux development environment construction, the basic use of the Linux command line, VI, GCC, Makefile the use of basic tools, the use of cross development environment. Learning condition: 1.C language programming foundation

Lecturer: Shen Han

SevenClass hourHas been updated to 7)02hourThirty-ninebranch

Rate of praise100%free of charge

Introduction: what is embedded technology, embedded technology in the real life of the application, the embedded development process, embedded learning knowledge of the system, the steps. Suitable object: 1 embedded related professional students 2 embedded learning enthusiasts Learning condition: 1 basic knowledge of computer and electronics. 2.C language related knowledge

Lecturer: Zhu Youpeng

SeventeenClass hourHas been updated to 17)08hourTwenty-fourbranch

Rate of praise100%$39

Course introduction: the main goal of this course is to give you a thorough grasp of the data structure of the list. Because the chain is very important in the development of the core driver of the basic technology, so with more than a dozen lessons to thoroughly explain and practice.

Lecturer: Zhu Youpeng

ElevenClass hourHas been updated to 11)06hourFifty-onebranch

Rate of praise100%$22

About the course this course from zero start led everyone to write a simple shell. The purpose is to let everyone know something of the shell mechanism, prior to the hardware drivers do a comprehensive application and the environmental variables, boot countdown to run automatically, there are two methods to realize the solution, in order to uboot learning to lay a good foundation for.

Lecturer: Zhu Youpeng

ThirtyClass hourHas been updated to 30)08hourThirty-sevenbranch

Rate of praise: 87%free of charge

Course Description: This course is the course of the 0.2 class (basic matriculation section lesson 2. All courses Please add QQ group or micro channel number of public access), the theme is Linux system is introduced and the shell command, curriculum in a total of 7 hours or so. The video is I during combined embedded technology substitute with Tang real recording. Students are simply unheard of Linux is what graduates (now all graduate, engaged in the work of the Linux Software Development). Video to fully restore the real classroom training, to explain in layman's language, clear thinking, and assist with a document, exercises and so on.

Lecturer: Zhu Youpeng

SixClass hourHas been updated to 6)03hourForty-fivebranch

Rate of praise: 95%free of charge

Course Description: this series of courses according to the intention of learning embedded software development of children's shoes, from scratch, a simple and covers: Linux system based on shell, linux c programming, Linux system programming, network programming, arm architecture and assembly language, arm baremetal series process, Linux system transplant, linux driver module development. Step by step learning. This course is the course of the 0 (episode), the purpose is to explain the whole video learning system roadmap, but also for all of us to learn routes a guideline.

Lecturer: Wei Dongshan

Fifty-threeClass hourHas been updated to 53)EighteenhourTwelvebranch

Rate of praise100%free of charge

Course introduction: master the ability to write assembly code, you can analyze any bare board including U-boot, the kernel of the relevant assembly code; To master the operation of hardware components, such as GPIO, UART, I2C, LCD, touch screen, and so on; A deeper understanding of the arm system architecture, you can write with interrupt function of bare board procedures, save the scene of the program, has been restored to understand, these principles applicable to any architecture CPU, applicable to the kernel and applications; Familiar with the structure of the bare board program, give you a Bootloader will be able to analyze its initialization part, memory usage, link address, relocation, relative jump / absolute jump, etc.; To master the principle of the Bootloader to start the kernel, you can write a Bootloader.

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