Lecturer: CSDN open class

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Course introduction: introduce the guests: Peng Jing, branch of a hardware engineer, Qualcomm developer community and technical support, hardware R & D employed for three years, is currently Qualcomm developer community hardware development technical support. Guest: Zhang Ling, branch of a product manager, Qualcomm developer community and technical support, engaged in intelligent hardware products developed for 4 years and served as a multiple MSM8916/8909 product development, has rich experience in product development and project management.

Lecturer: Liu Hongfeng

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Course Description: This course is divided into three series, this series is a IOT development foundation of the thesis, mainly is the networking development of entry, especially to prepare to join the development of Networking software personnel introduces hardware knowledge basis of comparison, to master the preliminary foundation of hardware support, with the help of powerful Microsoft Visual Studio development tools, C#, vb.net can quickly complete the development of the Internet of things.

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