Lecturer: Chuan Chi

SixteenClass hourHas been updated to 16)03hourFifty-eightbranch

Rate of praise100%free of charge

Course introduction: SEO is the abbreviation of the English Engine Optimization Search, the Chinese translation for the search engine optimization". SEO is refers to through the website internal adjustment and optimization and stood outside optimization, make the site to meet the search engine rankings included demand, in the search engine keywords ranking improve, thus the precise users to the site, free flow, direct sales or brand promotion. More SEO teaching, Baidu search Chuan Chi podcast network marketing.

Lecturer: Peng Liang

Twenty-twoClass hourHas been updated to 18)08hourFifty-sevenbranch

Rate of praise100%free of charge

Course introduction: surfing the internet.

Lecturer: Wang Bojun

ThirtyClass hourHas been updated to 10)01hourThirty-ninebranch

Rate of praise100%$150

Course Description: This course teaches a real compiler, linker complete development process. Compilation of knowledge used in the compiler wide general programming incomparable, will make comprehensive use of compiler principle, data structure and algorithm, Intel x86 assembly language and machine language, the object file format, execute file format, such as knowledge content.

Lecturer: Chuan Chi

TwoClass hourHas been updated to 2)01hourForty-sevenbranch

Rate of praise100%free of charge

Course Description: many novice or learning SEO students will be filled in the development foreground, can not move forward. Then through this course of study, you can find a clear direction for novice webmaster, recognize the essence of SEO, and make the right efforts...

Lecturer: Peng Liang

Thirty-oneClass hourHas been updated to 27)06hourFifty-fivebranch

Rate of praise100%free of charge

Photo processing case collection, detailed description of the practical application of PS and knowledge points.

Lecturer: CSDN University Club

EightClass hourHas been updated to 6)01hourNineteenbranch

Rate of praise100%free of charge

Course Description: This course contains five chapters and eight hours of content. Closely around the college students' pre employment preparation, enterprises interview questions answering skills and classic case analysis, the position competency assessment methods and principles, and Holland vocational interest assessment and the Enneagram test and analytical.

Lecturer: CSDN University Club

TwoClass hourHas been updated to 2)Thirty-fivebranch

Rate of praise100%free of charge

Course introduction: This course aims to let more students to understand the CSDN university club service purposes, activities and personnel selection model. As a service to college students' learning and growth of IT technology learning type organization, the club don't in general technical associations, in terms of content, form and industry docking and cooperation, to create a novel and unique form.

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