Lecturer: He Lihong

TwentyClass hourHas been updated to 2)Forty-ninebranch

Rate of praise100%$400

Course introduction: in the civil service interview, the ability to get along with colleagues is often take an examination of content, is the ability of people the core test is an important content, this part of the content is public examination in only by doing exercises of exhaustion. This course through the selection of public test typical interview questions in 200 cases, through detailed explanation to help candidates raise in dealing with people, get a high score in the interview.

Lecturer: He Lihong

TwentyClass hourHas been updated to 20)05hourFiftybranch

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About the course in four comprehensive content of learning theory, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China is a combination of the latest theoretical results released by the national conditions of our country, in 2015 the exam and the provinces, written examination and interview has been bold, for and widely used. The course is public examination areas and in the whole network for the first time released will cause public test session of GF research, discussion and imitate, have a huge impact on the civil service examination.

Lecturer: He Lihong

OneClass hourHas been updated to 1)Twenty-onebranch

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Course introduction: a brief description of the characteristics of civil servants and the requirements of personnel, to help us understand the civil service, to determine the occupation orientation to provide some reference.

Lecturer: He Lihong

ElevenClass hourHas been updated to 11)02hourThirty-twobranch

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Course introduction: explain the concept, nature, classification, form and coping skills of civil servant interview to help people who are interested in entering the system of IT ".

Lecturer: CSDN University Club

OneClass hourHas been updated to 1)Thirty-fivebranch

Rate of praise: 66%free of charge

Course introduction: teacher led combined with my years of rich development experience and on the software development practice and understanding, for learners summarizes some about their understanding of programming, causing everyone more in-depth thinking about the programming of the definitions to help learners to have a better understanding of programming the real meaning.

Lecturer: CSDN University Club

OneClass hourHas been updated to 1)Fifty-sevenbranch

Rate of praise100%free of charge

Introduction to the course: course mainly demonstrates the web version of the shadow off how simple and fast animation, which includes scene selection, character set, characters, language, action and expression changes and scene transformation.

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