Lecturer: Wu Xia

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Introduction: 1 depth analysis of 2016 test the latest dynamic test, exam trends. 2 ring test certification to enhance the 60% high pass rate advantage analysis. 3 explain the development of professional and personal relationship test, to bring the advantages of personal occupation on the road. 4 a live Q & A, the members of software to solve related questions, guide the development of new planning management transformation. The 5 focuses on the analysis of software certification authority value. 6 test certification who settled policy, integral accumulation of details. 7 participating members of the scene presented "project management and leadership" actual combat management information. The test group: 140188605 Q course

Lecturer: Wei Wei

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Course introduction: the Internet entrepreneurial team, management is very difficult, especially the Internet start-up team. This course into the Internet start-up team ready to provide some management experience, I hope you will be able to start a successful business!

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