Lecturer: Jin Supeng

TwentyClass hourHas been updated to 20)07hourTenbranch

Rate of praise100%$129

Course Description: two UF U8ERP UAP. development platform Using c#.NET customized ERP system.

Lecturer: Jin Supeng

TwelveClass hourHas been updated to 12)03hourNineteenbranch

Rate of praise100%$50

Course Description: Sales Management UF U8 video tutorials, business process and actual operation.

Lecturer: Jin Supeng

FiveClass hourHas been updated to 5)01hourTwenty-sixbranch

Rate of praise100%$20

Course Description: This course is a contract management of UFIDA U8ERP video tutorial. The best combination of "system management" to learn together.

Lecturer: Jin Supeng

TwentyClass hourHas been updated to 20)06hourTwenty-ninebranch

Rate of praise100%$39

Introduction to the course: UFIDA u8erp video tutorials, including system management, procurement, sales, warehousing, personnel, administrative, CRM, manufacturing, workshop management, process, BOM, production orders, accounts receivable, accounts payable, general ledger, cashier, and so on all the modules of the application. Based on business, starting with the software operation, combined with the actual work of the enterprise.

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