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CTO Analysys Guo Wei: from 0 to N, a cost-effective large data platform

2016 07, 06, 21:00 - 20:00

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  • Course introduction

    Each big data platform is not out of thin air, each enterprise is not from the start on the Hadoop, Spark and other open source big data storage. Today the share is according to the different stages of development of enterprises, according to the needs of the business, how to choose the big data structure is different, depending on the configuration of data processing personnel, so as to help enterprises to establish a cost-effective large data platform from 0 to N.

  • Learning points
    A. big data platform development trend
    B. startup team how to use big data platform
    C. intermediate team big data platform selection considerations
    D. large entrepreneurial team, big data platform expansion points and experience
    E. traditional industry big data platform needs to pay attention to the construction of the problem
    F. how to better make good use of big data
    G. future development direction of large data
  • Suitable object

    Entrepreneurs and traditional enterprise big data platform for the data sector.

  • teaching hours

    19:30-20:00 student admission

    20:00-20:45 lecturer

    20:45-21:00 interactive Q & A


keynote speaker
Wei GuoVice President / Chief Engineer of CTO/CIO/ Technology

CTO Analysys, graduated from Peking University, served as associate director, general manager of big data, data Wanda electricity supplier department was in gold, IBM, Teradata as important positions in the direction of big data. The field has a rich theoretical and practical experience in intelligent hardware and data analysis, several published presentations at the CIO forum, O2O forum, business forum, enjoys a good reputation in the traditional industries and the Internet industry.

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