A total of 243 contract lecturers.
  • Yin Cheng
  • Sixty-threecurriculum
  • Eighty-two thousand eight hundred and fortystudent

Since graduation from Tsinghua University, has a top Google, Microsoft's work experience, Microsoft's most value experts, senior software architect, CSDN famous technical experts and Microsoft - Tsinghua University joint laboratory technical adviser, Tsinghua University mobile Internet technology co will Consultant...

  • CSDN open class
  • Sixty-twocurriculum
  • Fifty-nine thousand one hundred and thirty-fivestudent

CSDN online open class full control!

  • Li Haiyuan
  • Thirty-fivecurriculum
  • Seventy-nine thousand nine hundred and forty-fourstudent

Years MVP, focus on Microsoft/VMWare/Citrix Technology

  • Chuan Chi
  • Thirty-twocurriculum
  • Sixty-seven thousand nine hundred and thirty-eightstudent

Engaged in software development and related education for many years, familiar with C/C++, JAVA,.Net, PHP, Android, database, network marketing, web design. Worked as a project engineer and project manager in a number of companies.

  • Gao Huantang
  • Twenty-ninecurriculum
  • Thirty-six thousand and eighty-twostudent

Taiwan Android Framework Development Alliance chief architect, Asia Pacific Android technology conference chairman

  • Zhu Youpeng
  • Twenty-ninecurriculum
  • Seventy-eight thousand nine hundred and thirty-fivestudent

The Internet Course "brand Zhu teacher networking forum" founder. Proficient in Linux, kernel U-Boot porting and driver development; proficient in C, C++, Java, C# and other high-level languages, familiar with Cortex-A Cortex-M3/M4, ARM and other systems; familiar with Samsung platform S3C2440,...

  • He Jiasheng
  • Twenty-eightcurriculum
  • Three hundred and fifty-five thousand and twenty-twostudent

Gold medal lecturer, with 12 years of system development experience, 8 years of IT industry teaching experience; Because the project needs to contact Python, put it down. Attracted by his simple grammar, efficient and efficient development. Made the www.jeapedu.org website and its gcss. After contact with L and uliweb...

  • Xiang Jun
  • Twenty-sixcurriculum
  • Sixty-one thousand four hundred and thirty-eightstudent

Engaged in IT industry for more than 10 years, served Acer, fluke, China Petroleum, China Everbright Bank, TOYOTA car, Samsung Electronics, cleaning companies and other companies. Fine PHP/MySQL, C/C++/VC++, VB, Java, Server, Oracle,, JSP, J2EE, JavaScript, XHTML, Aj, SQL...

  • Gao Qi
  • Twenty-fivecurriculum
  • Fifty-three thousand six hundred and thirteenstudent

Famous Java technical experts, ten years of development experience, training thousands of students. Training a lot of students have been in Alibaba, Sohu, Sina, UF and other well-known enterprises inauguration, many students have to positions of leadership. Has rich experience in project development, which is also reflected in the classroom teaching. ...

  • Zhai Dongping
  • Twenty-threecurriculum
  • Fifty-six thousand six hundred and fifty-eightstudent

Micro enterprise star members, 10 years working experience in software, national software project responsible person, mainly engaged in software development, software enterprise staff skills training. "The people's Republic of China human resources and social security department" and "the people's Republic of industry and information technology ministry" joint certification.

  • Ren Shuo
  • Twenty-onecurriculum
  • Seventy-eight thousand six hundred and eighty-sixstudent

Software Institute of Hebei Normal University outstanding lecturer, senior project manager qualification, as operating system principles, software engineering, project management and other teaching work. Participate in the management and system design of ten or more million software projects. In "computer application" (core), network security and...

  • Zhao Qiang
  • Twenty-onecurriculum
  • Seventy-five thousand seven hundred and fourstudent

Has been in the listing Corporation, the famous electric business companies and other Internet companies have worked hard. Has done the development, has done the test, at present is focused on the project and the quality management, the flaw analysis and the training education. Jack Bauer has unique teaching style, humorous style, by the majority of students' recognition, "the representative Jack bauer...

  • Guo Hongzhi
  • Nineteencurriculum
  • Nineteen thousand eight hundred and forty-eightstudent

Started in 1999 to engage in development, with more than ten years of development, management and training experience. Has presided over the development of a number of large projects. Has published "Android application development explain", the IOS application development explain "the JavaEE Web Engineer integrated development", "JavaEE senior engineering...

  • Li Ning
  • Nineteencurriculum
  • Eighty-six thousand nine hundred and forty-twostudent

Master of computer science, Northeastern University, has been a well-known domestic IT enterprise project manager. Has published more than 10 books IT. Major works include "Android depth exploration (Volume 2) system application source code analysis and ROM customization", "Android depth exploration (Volume 1): HAL and drive development", "...

  • Wang Da
  • Eighteencurriculum
  • Ninety-one thousand four hundred and eighty-threestudent

Domestic famous IT book author, senior network technology experts, HUAWEI authorized lecturer. Is the author of nearly 60 computer network copyright, the new representative: "Cisco/H3C switch | router" luxury "Four set", "in-depth understanding of the computer network", the Huawei switch study guide,...

  • Ma Jianwei
  • Seventeencurriculum
  • Thirty-one thousand five hundred and forty-fivestudent

Ten years experience in software development and teaching experience, good at Java, Java EE platform software development, Android platform application development, in terms of system integration architecture have in-depth understanding; teaching style simple, humorous, specializes in the simplification of complex issues, combining practical theory, and pay attention to lead...

  • Li Jie
  • Seventeencurriculum
  • Sixty-two thousand nine hundred and fifty-ninestudent

TriAquae open source software maintenance founder, worldly it operation and maintenance in the field for many years, worked at Panasonic, GZT, Fetion, CICC, Nokia company, maintenance is too small to dozens of Taiwan, it systems of up to tens of thousands of sets of equipment, is committed to improve the automation level of enterprise operation, believe that one person in charge of ten thousand...

  • Zhang Zhongqiang
  • Seventeencurriculum
  • Six hundred and twenty-eight thousand three hundred and eighty-ninestudent

Rich project experience and teaching experience, teaching not to stick to one pattern, good at using the most refined code to show the complexity of the software development technology. Has participated in and presided over the development of a number of major national projects, including the people's Bank of China financial settlement system, China Banking Regulatory Commission intelligent reporting system,...

  • Jiang Xuewei
  • Seventeencurriculum
  • Eighty-nine thousand eight hundred and fourteenstudent

More than 10 years of IT development experience, has been in the domestic well-known IT company, as a programmer, master, technical manager, technical director and other positions, involved in a variety of commercial game development.

  • Zhang Cong
  • Fifteencurriculum
  • Six thousand three hundred and threestudent

Graduated from the Hubei Institute of Fine Arts, has for many domestic universities and top game companies to do animation technology research, development and teaching. Senior member of China Animation Association, participated in and organized a number of National Animation Association activities. For a variety of styles of hand drawing, multimedia design and the role of the game...

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