Thirty-three thousand five hundred and eleven
Lecturer blog:Http:// Good at area: agile development, UML, requirement analysis, software design
  • Experience the most fire agile - SCRUM

    Scrum is an agile development method of the most fire, user stories, sprint, burndown charts many cool gameplay, cattle B products for people, the scrum master, super self-organizing teams. This course will show you the most fire and the most cool agile development method!

    TenClass (has been updated toTen)01hourThirty-sevenbranchForty-twosecondMinute
  • Experience extreme programming (XP)

    Extreme programming, English: Programming Extreme, abbreviation: XP programming, this is a lightweight, fast, stressed the adaptation of changes in small and medium projects, the project management method. This course is for you to share the extreme programming of more than 10 best practices.

    SevenClass (has been updated toSeven)01hourThirteenbranch09secondMinute
  • All project manager training camp

    Project management is a pit, what can be put in! The project manager is the pit pit lord, he needs to have his knife, and gave a sharp. This course will provide you with the skills you need to master the N for the project manager.

    Twenty-fiveClass (has been updated toTwenty-five)09hourEighteenbranchForty-foursecondMinute $50
  • Build agile team

    What is a lot of martial art of agile, agile? Agility is too ideal, can not be landed in China? How to make agile real effective? Developers are too "Mensao", not agile, do? This course will be for you to disassemble one by one!

    SixteenClass (has been updated toSixteen)03hourTwenty-threebranchTwenty-onesecondMinute $50
  • The software design is how to make?

    The software design is not the outline design and detailed design so simple, more than empty talk. Whole course utilizing UML, for you sharing architecture design, database design, user experience design and detailed design of the actual combat skills, let you learn how to analyze the demand, how to gradually make "...

    Thirty-oneClass (has been updated toThirty-one)06hour07branchForty-twosecondMinute $200
  • UML application

    The curriculum revolves around a real project to start, sharing the UML from the needs analysis to the software design process how to play a role. Course sharing is the latest version of UML 2.4, a total of 13 kinds of maps, rather than the old version of the 9 plans.

    Twenty-sixClass (has been updated toTwenty-six)03hourSixteenbranchForty-sevensecondMinute $20
  • Senior Software Project Manager - basic knowledge

    This course is soft senior project manager of a series of courses of the first to help you a comprehensive understanding of information systems project management division, help you to plan your career is the first step, the basic knowledge of software engineering, information system and information for you to share. Our goal is to learn practical project management knowledge...

    Twenty-nineClass (has been updated toTwenty-nine)06hour05branch05secondMinute $50
  • Software project management knowledge of combat (on)

    Test of high and middle course of study, course to avoid boring theory, pay attention to the project practice, there will be a lot of "book" knowledge. The upper part includes: project management, life cycle, feasibility study and bidding, overall management, risk management, scope management, demand management,...

    Forty-fourClass (has been updated toForty-four)Minute $380
  • Software project management knowledge combat (below)

    Test of high and middle course of study, course to avoid boring theory, pay attention to the project practice, there will be a lot of "book" knowledge. The lower part includes: cost management, quality management, human resource management, communication management, procurement management, outsourcing management, contract management, configuration management...

    Thirty-sixClass (has been updated toThirty-six)Minute $380
Lecturer introduction

Nearly twenty years software development, software design, requirement analysis, project management, department management, company management and process improvement after 15 years of demand analysis and demand management working experience, responsible for dozens of large project requirements analysis and requirements management, dabble in multiple fields of architecture, communications, Internet, electricity, finance, manufacturing industry, government and other, a unique understanding of requirements analysis and requirements management. 10 years of enterprises a full range improvement experience, provide on-site service for hundreds of enterprises, good for enterprises are given in this paper in order to improve the "prescription", to help enterprises solve the problem of the actual work, enhance productivity.