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Eleven thousand two hundred and eighty
Lecturer blog:Http://prog3.com/sbdm/blog/u010703087 Good at field: network marketing, project management, software design, system architecture
  • Internet venture ten scam trap

    This course is mainly to explain the current Internet entrepreneurs will encounter some of the common fraud, so that people with access to the Internet business can be less detours. For Internet entrepreneurs to escort!

    FiveClass (has been updated toFive)FortybranchTwenty-sixsecondMinute $20
  • AARRR operation model

    A model of mobile application operation is AARRR. When we developed their own mobile application and need to put their own mobile application out and profit, and this process we call for the operation of mobile application. So how efficient operation of mobile applications, which have those operations refer to...

    SixClass (has been updated toSix)Fifty-onebranchForty-eightsecondMinute $20
  • Management of network entrepreneurial team

    Internet start-up team, management is very difficult, especially the Internet start-up team. This course into the Internet start-up team ready to provide some management experience, I hope you will be able to start a successful business!

    TwoClass (has been updated toTwo)FourteenbranchElevensecondMinute
  • Network to make money reliable project recommended

    This course for you to recommend some of the Internet to make money in the project, for just entering the Internet business friends prepared to provide some ideas.

    TwoClass (has been updated toTwo)Twenty-twobranch05secondMinute
  • Recommended Internet platform for financing

    This course will analyze and explain what the Internet has a reliable financing platform, so that the lack of capital of the Internet business team to quickly and capital side docking.

    FiveClass (has been updated toFive)Thirty-threebranchForty-eightsecondMinute $100
Lecturer introduction

The well-known IT training instructor, Baidu know senior business experts, the national patent a combined with optical self-defense instrument invented.