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Lecturer blog:Http://prog3.com/sbdm/blog/u011379939 Good at the field: Java,.Net, DBMS, front-end development
  • J2SE easy entry in the first quarter

    With the most popular language, leading you to quickly grasp the basic knowledge of Java object-oriented.

    FifteenClass (has been updated toFifteen)06hourSixteenbranchForty-ninesecondminute
  • J2SE easy entry in the third quarter

    Understanding of generic, MySQL, JDBC, IO flow, debugging procedures, master view API Java source code

    FifteenClass (has been updated toFifteen)04hourSixteenbranchNineteensecondminute $50
  • J2SE easy entry in the second quarter

    Primary to intermediate stage of the students, not suitable for zero based students. Need to understand the basic knowledge of Java in the object of class, object, attributes, methods, constructors, polymorphism, and so have a deep understanding of. If this part of the knowledge is not yet mastered, please go back and study this part of the content...

    TwelveClass (has been updated toTwelve)04hour03branch01secondminute $50
  • Developers need to master the knowledge of HTML and CSS

    As a software developer, need to master the knowledge of HTML and CSS.

    FourteenClass (has been updated toFourteen)04hourTwenty-sixbranch05secondminute $20
  • Teach you to learn Javascript through the classic case

    Through the case, to explain the various grammar API, Javascript and using methods.

    FourteenClass (has been updated toThirteen)03hourForty-fivebranchForty-threesecondminute $20
  • JQuery essence

    Fine speak jQuery front end technology, so that you do not fear the front end of the deal!

    SixteenClass (has been updated toSixteen)04hourTwenty-sevenbranchFifty-fivesecondminute $20
  • Web Java quick start

    Servlet, Jsp from entry to the master of the curriculum, and finally to a book management of the small end of the project course.

    Twenty-sevenClass (has been updated toTwenty-seven)07hourThirteenbranchThirty-sixsecondminute $200
  • Java Web advanced development

    Through an online user, visitor management project, let you have a deeper understanding of session, listener, application understanding of the further.

    Twenty-fiveClass (has been updated toTwenty-five)07hourTwelvebranch03secondminute $200
  • Web Java advanced technology

    Explain Web Java development of advanced technologies, including cookie, El, JSTL, tag and other technologies.

    Twenty-fiveClass (has been updated toTwenty-five)07hourFortybranch04secondminute $200
  • Struts1 self-study tutorial

    Struts1 is the basis for learning Struts2, understand the Struts2, learning Struts1 will become very easy. A lot of legacy systems, need to maintain, but also requires us to understand the knowledge of point Struts1.

    FourteenClass (has been updated toFourteen)04hourSeventeenbranchThirty-fivesecondminute
  • Struts2 project development and explanation

    Struts2 is currently a more popular MVC framework, Struts2 is to carry out the development of Web Java must master a technology.

    EighteenClass (has been updated toEighteen)07hour09branchFifty-twosecondminute $300
  • Java classic algorithm to explain

    Explain the basic algorithm commonly used in the development of Java

    TenClass (has been updated toTen)04hourTwelvebranchThirteensecondminute
  • Java Road

    Do you know Java? Do you know what Java can do? Do you know how to learn Java? What is the future development trend of Java?

    FourClass (has been updated toFour)01hourThirty-threebranchFifty-sevensecondminute
  • SSH project combat training essence

    SSH project combat training essence

    SeventeenClass (has been updated toSeventeen)08hourFourteenbranchTwenty-ninesecondminute $400
  • Android basic knowledge of Java (three)

    Android learning essential basic knowledge of Java

    FifteenClass (has been updated toFourteen)04hourFortysecondminute $50
  • Android basic knowledge of Java (two)

    Android learning essential basic knowledge of Java

    TwelveClass (has been updated toTwelve)04hour03branch02secondminute $50
  • Android basic knowledge of the necessary Java

    Explain Andrioid mobile development must have the basic knowledge.

    FifteenClass (has been updated toEight)02hourThirty-sixbranch09secondminute
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Rich project experience and teaching experience, teaching not to stick to one pattern, good at using the most refined code to show the complexity of the software development technology. Has participated in and presided over the development of a number of major national projects, including the people's Bank of China financial settlement system, China Banking Regulatory Commission intelligent reporting system, power dispatching system. With more than 10 years of software development and training experience, training students in nearly 5000 people. Microsoft Certified Expert (MCP), Microsoft Certified Database Administrator (MCDBA), Microsoft Certified System Engineer (MCSE).