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CEO/ chairman / General Manager

Subordinate mechanism:Flint town network technology Co. Ltd.

Lecturer blog:Http:// Excel in the field: Cocos2d-x
  • Using Cocos2d-x to develop 3D games

    Created by the CSDN well-known expert blog huoyun Haier huoyun, develop the class officially began teaching the latest cocos2d-x V3.7 version of the 3D engine function module.

    25Class hours (updated to25)6HourNinteenBranch39SecondsMinute $999
  • Shader development from entry to the master

    Shader development from entry to the master

    32Class hours (updated to32)1Hour48BranchFourteenSecondsMinute $888

Early Chinese game programmers, since 2003, engaged in the development of the game program, is responsible for the development of a variety of games, served as the large end of the tour, "infinite worlds" from research engine technology person in charge, the 2012 focus on cocos engine, in CSDN cocos2d-x prepared a large number of tutorials blog, CSDN, a leading technology blog experts and cocos2d-x developed a good tool set "Hong Haier toolbox", 14 years any touch technology cocostudio director of product. Participate in the design of the Cocos engine tool and 3D direction.